As you can see, the first part is up and it's more about my own personal life: graduation, birthday, and work life. Then what am I going to write in this part?

The important sides of my life which I don't include in the first.
Example? My hobbies, my second family, and so on.

First of all, HIMSISFO.
If you read my previous posts somewhere somehow, I mentioned the word quite a lot. Let me sum what HIMSISFO is: my second family.
Call me exaggerating or else, I don't care, because that's the truth.

Actually I became an alumnus on November 2011 but I was given the responsibility as one of four advisers.
However the new President has been elected on 30 September 2012. The new team has formed and I will wait for the official inauguration for sure before I write down all the names.

For some it may seem that I got myself too much in the campus organization life but, guess what, I love it. In fact I miss those days when I needed to think fast and make a decision together, those nights when I was too busy that I couldn't even have enough sleep times,  and those moments when I was together with HIMSISFO-ers.
Those times are irreplaceable. I mean it.

I'll do what I can, with what I have for HIMSISFO, despite the fact that I'm already an alumnus now. The family will grow bigger and better; I believe so.

As for second issue, it's more about my hobbies.
Lately (or perhaps since forever) writing has became one of the best activities I ever do. Of course reading is included but, hey, writing is so fun that I think it's impossible not to write at least once in a week... or maybe more.

This is connected to my favor for K-Pop.
Super Junior. BEAST. INFINITE. And so on. I can't even mention it one by one. The tracks on my playlist keep increasing and I can't stop it.

Some might say I'm being childish, throwing money for fun, for those artists who just look good and have no talents, but I must say that you should not judge the book from the cover.
Probably some people are like that but some are not either. For example, me.

I love music and I do not exclude K-Pop just because I don't understand the language.
If the music is good, the lyrics are meaningful, the dance is fun, why can we love it?
I love some idols but it's not only because of their looks. Though some said it's just their acts in front of public, I can't listen to all those hateful comments.
Being objective is needed sometimes; I admire some idols for their attitudes and I think there is nothing wrong with that, isn't it?

So, yes, I write in English, one of the best ways to enhance my bad English skill, just like what I'm doing right now.
I wish I can do so much better in the future for everything!

Anyway I'm going to read a novel now.
I don't know how interesting it can be till the very end but the novel's title is "A Very Yuppy Wedding" by Ika Natassa. ;)

Therefore I bid goodbye for now.
See you on my next post someday! :D

Last update: 30 March 2012

Today's date is 25 October 2012.
Almost 7 months since the last time I updated this blog.
It's not like I abandoned it or else but there are ways I choose to keep doing what I love to do: writing.

No, I will never close this blog. Never. Note that.
Simple. Because this blog contains countless memories since years ago and there is no way I will delete this blog which already resembles my album of life.

Besides human can't remember every detail in life, right?
That's why I write, to remind myself about my past, not because I need to regret it but because I want to smile upon it one day and glad I'm doing alright at the moment.

Okay, get to the business.
Since I haven't updated anything for the past six/seven months, I will write two or three posts; depending on what I need to write here. Let's see what I can do tonight.

Since the title has displayed the 'personal life' words, let's get into it.
Personal life includes my daily life. Common and ordinary.


Yes, I have officially graduated from my university as a Bachelor of Computer Science (anyway I took Information Systems as my major). The graduation ceremony took place on 21 July 2012, at JCC Plenary Hall.
Though I couldn't be one of the best students with high grades, at least I could make my parents proud. I feel really glad I made my best till the very end after three and half years. It's not easy but it's memorable, I must say.

Strange enough I don't feel sad. Is it abnormal?
Part of me keeps telling me that it's not like a forever goodbye.
Or maybe because I'm a believer of goodbye-is-not-sad-unless-there-is-no-more-hello thing. Perhaps it is the reason. Or else.

Oh, and little thing but important, I celebrated my 21st birthday last May.
Yes, I'm a 21-years-old girl now (or it's supposed to be 'woman'? Different words, same meaning. LOL).
Nothing special but, of course, I'm grateful! As always.

Another update: my work life.
I started to work at my current office since 26 March 2012 and, guess what, I'm still working hard there. Within 5 months, one year has arrived and who knows what will happen in the future. I just hope and do the best.

What is my job?
Good question.
At work, my position is ERP Officer. Ever heard of SAP? Try googling it to help you (I hope so).
The cooler term is Internal Consultant. SAP Internal Consultant.

What do I do everyday?
Answer phones, reply emails, analyze issues, do improvements. I guess it's simple enough to sum up the answers. I find it not really exciting but, hey, if I don't try to enjoy my work, how could I be happy with it?

I guess that's all for my personal life.
Any questions?
No. Of course no.

Thank you for reading Part 1. :D