Tuesday, December 31, 2013

‡ Moments of 2013 ‡

Tick tock, tick tock.
The clock is ticking as the time goes on, counting down for another new year.

(It's 3:45 as I'm typing; less than 9 hours to midnight)

Yes, it's already 31 December 2013, the last day of this year.
364 days have passed with different moments we lived on each day.

Even though I didn't update so often here, this blog is still my favorite place to write down everything I want to. Therefore, just like what I always do every year since 2008, I'll do a quick review of my year.

For previous references: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012

The very first month of 2013 and let's look back at my resolution for 2013 here.

Talk more, do even more. Hopefully I managed to work out this resolution. Not the best state though, if I must admit. Instead of just talking, I tried to take an action. Example? I'll write it down on the October part.
Save more, spend less. This, unfortunately, I failed. I definitely have a big problem with money management. Well, if I could give a good reason (which is not that good enough as well), I just took whatever decisions first without concerning much of the expenses. This felt good at first, just to strike me when money came between.
Write more, read more. I happened to work this resolution for the first half year but ended up failing it afterwards. One of the obvious proofs is I rarely update this blog. Also I still have at least a dozen of books I haven't finished in my room.
Decide, passion. As for this, I have decided but (yes, this is probably a lame excuse) I haven't managed to go on with it. Yet. I'll talk about this later on tomorrow's post.

What's so memorable about January 2013?

Flood. 23-27 January 2013, I was completely trapped in house due to the heavy rain and flood. That's quite memorable.

Truth to be told, there's nothing much I could note for this so-called-love-month.

However, I started to wonder about many things at work, about how different everyone could be and all. When a problem happened, what would we do to encounter it? Each person could give different answers.

Music Bank in Jakarta. That's the most memorable moment I have for March 2013. I don't even need to think about it.
9 March 2013. I went to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium with Jeanette, waiting for 3-4 hours before rushing to take seats (okay, no, we're standing during the whole concert). Perhaps it's not the best concert ever but, still, with all the idols there, it just felt amazing!

Oh, and I celebrated my first anniversary since I started to work at office with two of my friends, Liani and Stella. Time did fly, right?

The month when I learned that with every decision, comes the equal consequence. If you expect something good, you should prepare yourself for the worst as well. I tried to do that and, despite the fact that it still felt disappointing, I guess I could say I grew a little bit more mature. Perhaps?

My 22nd birthday (here for the reference). Went to Pacific Place and, as long as I remember, it's also the day I decided to start collecting the original books instead of translated of ones. They're more expensive but, well, they give me different vibes when reading in English. Besides, I do need to improve my English, right?

HTC One. I bought a new phone this year. I joined the queue for the 'premiere' on 9 June for hours. Yes, for hours. I managed to get black for the first but ended up to pick the white when I noticed a black dot on the screen.

I like it but, if there's a note you must know, I have a problem with the camera and reddish hue for now. Don't know if it's fixable or else.

Sixth month passed, marking half-year since the year started. Nothing much happened this month but, well, I pretty much enjoyed the year. I think it's around the time when I started to be busy with whatever that I can't even remember.

One Great Step in Jakarta.

Hello to INFINITE! I went to another concert this year. This time is INFINITE on their way of world tour. I took VVIP seat and went there by myself (Mata Elang International Stadium at Ancol). I enjoyed the concert very much (until I lost my voice for two days later on).

This is probably the month with peace of 2013. Well, not literally but, yes, it's pretty much just fine. I didn't think of anything much this month: work, social life, random activities. Life felt just good. Not the best, but good enough.

Malaysia Trip! The complete story is here.

I also received a sad news this month regarding my best friend's father (my deepest condolences).

On this month I also received a 'slap' from friend (whom I had not met for more than a year already). He told me that I should stop procrastinating if I really had a dream I wanted to do. It did no good and I should stop just thinking about it; take an action and work everything out.

This, my friends, led me to take one further step of making a dream comes true. Hopefully.

Rafting. Yep, I went to Pengalengan with my colleagues at work. Of all activities (outbond, paintball, and rafting), I love rafting the most. Well, to start with, I'm not into extreme sports or else but I do love trying new things.

The last month of 2013. Contrary to September, a lot of things actually happened this month.

Visiting a new mall (Baywalk Pluit Mall), meeting up with old friends, share opinions and all, catching up with movies, trying new places to eat (I visited PIK for 4 times at night this month; I only visited there 3 times for the past years), declaring new activities to do in 2014 (taking photos on January, island trip on February), and the list goes on.

For the side note, I spent a lot this month for fun but, to assure myself, it's worth everything I cherished.

My 2013 is not perfect but, then again, it's never about the perfection.
It's about how I lived it without regret and always grateful for every single day I had.

Thanks God for everything You had given for me this year.

So did you live your 2013 to the fullest?

Happy New Year's Eve.


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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

‡ Merry Christmas 2013 ‡

What is your favorite holiday?

Ever since I was a kid, mine is Christmas Day.

When I was still at elementary school, I always felt excited whenever December came because it simply meant a longgg holiday, knowing that a new year would also come.

I would wait for good movies on television, going out to malls to see the decorations with Christmas trees and all, exchanging Christmas greeting cards from friends, and being a little girl who adored everything about Christmas.

Sure I learned that there would be no snow falling here in Jakarta like what I saw in the movies. There's no such thing as Santa Claus that would put a present for me (since there's no chimney here). I would never have Christmas dinner at house since my family didn't celebrate Christmas as a big event (the way they celebrated Chinese New Year for sure).

However I always love to imagine the day when Jesus was born. It was a cold day but everything must felt warm. I love to sing the Christmas songs, celebrating the Messiah who had came to the world. Christmas is beautiful in every way it can be.

Christmas Day is still my favorite until now.

So what made today different than my previous Christmas days?

Apparently since 6 October 2013, I started my Catholic baptism class to prepare myself for the baptism in December 2014. The class will guide me through the details about Catholic before I am ready to be a part of the Catholic community officially.

Does it make any difference? Yes and no.

Yes, considering I'm a little bit closer to God even more, attending masses every week and always feel blessed for it. No, knowing that I always believe in God since long, long ago. But, yes, I like the difference this year somehow.

This is definitely not a long post about Christmas but, with all my heart, I just want to wish all of you a merry Christmas.

Hopefully the world will be filled with joy, love, and peace.

Let's start from ourselves to share love and blessings with others in this life. ;)

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