Tuesday, January 01, 2019

‡ Dreaming Awake ‡

How is your first day of 2019?
I spent it lazily in my own room and I think it's good for me to do that since I barely stay in this room for a while.
You can check the details on my recap of 2018 here.

Out of 365 nights last year, I only slept in this room for 182 nights.
Where were I on the other nights?
Surabaya, Bandung, Cirebon, Singapore, Jogjakarta, Bali.

Anyway, I do need to post several posts here to complete what I should have posted long time ago.

[1] The details of my Taiwan trip for Day 4 until Day 7.
Day 1 can be found here
Day 2 & 3 can be found here

[2] The details of my visit to Singapore.
4 - 7 September 2011 (mentioned here)
14 - 17 November 2012 (mentioned here)
12 - 15 January 2014 (mentioned here)
15 - 18 January 2017 (mentioned here)
28 May - 2 June 2018 (mentioned here)

[3] The details of my trip to Jogjakarta and Bali.
Oh, no, I'm not a traveler. I just think I should write them while I remember it well.
Or not so well anymore now.

Well, people, other than this blog which I have been maintained not so well since 2008,
I am reachable via Twitter or Instagram at @erlia91.
Such a shameless advertising of own social media account.


Now, what should I post to start 2019 here?
Let's hope that this will not be the only blog post I have here this year. *crossed fingers*

I'll present you a short story today.
This story is never published anywhere and, to be exact, I only type this writing here.
It's completely a new piece so it might be messy (just like my other stories, I guess).

If you expect a bright, inspirational story because it's New Year,
my sincere apology because this is not what you're looking for.
To be honest I'm not even sure what kind of story that I'm specialized in.
I write some romance and drama stuffs, sometimes mystery, mostly fantasy.

So what kind of story is I'm going to create for the first time this year?


Another rainy morning.

He heaved a sigh, dropping his gaze to the empty chair next to the bed. Dust had covered it slightly, a sign that time had passed. He couldn't remember very well but he tried best to count the day.

364. Days had passed, nights had gone. Still, nothing.

"Do you miss her?" the familiar voice asked. It's the same question she kept asking him for 365 times already including today. "It's just like today, raining. That day."

"It's always like that day," he responded without looking at the only companion in the room. "The rain has never stopped. You know that very well, don't you?"

She scoffed, hinting the sarcasm, "You can stop it if you want it. You know that very well, don't you?"

He forced a smile, "Stopping it doesn't mean anything for me now. Being here though... It reminds me of everything."

None of them spoke a word for seconds, letting the sound of clock ticking and raindrops to fill the room. She decided to break the silence with something he never heard from her.

"She would be happy that you remember her but I don't think she would like to know how you keep her in memory."

He let out a small chuckle, shaking his head, "It doesn't matter how I do it for now. I made the decision so I know the consequences. She... She will stay where she is for all the time I spend here."

"Eternity?" she retorted.

"So be it," he shrugged, letting out another sigh. His gaze swept the whole empty room in a glance although he knew there's nothing new there.

No window. No table. No clock. No bed. No door.

Nothing. Nobody.

"It's been a long dream," her voice echoed through the room. "It's time for you to be awake."

"I'm always awake," he replied calmly like how he always did. He closed his eyes and, suddenly, the sound of raindrops disappeared. "Will it be nice to have spring now?"

No answer.

"Well, you love snow better," he opened his eyes to see a glass window on the wall, allowing him to admire the white snowflakes outside of his room. "It's a good dream, being awake like this."

"No regret?" she asked.

"No," he touched the window with his finger and an image of clock was drawn on the glass. The hands of clock stopped at twelve, not moving. "I have what I need here."

"I dream of you," he took steps back, looking at the chair which was not empty anymore. "And I'm awake for you."

"I'll always dream awake with you."

- end


I hope you enjoy the short, absurd story.
Until next post, world!

Monday, December 31, 2018

‡ Recap of 2018 ‡

My first and last post in 2018.

Yes, I don't write a single post this year on this dearest blog of mine due to endless reasons I can give but let's not start with it.
Anyway, I live a pretty decent year for the past 364 days and 16 hours (I finished this at 7:45PM, 4 hours to midnight here).

I'm going to continue with my usual summary of each month I went through this year.
I'll try to be as detailed as I can to make up for the (super) lack of posts in 2018.

Also, as you can see, I don't post any New Year Resolution in 2018 and I don't think I will post any in 2019 as well.
Worry not cause it doesn't mean I don't have any objective to do next year (pretty sure I should be the only person who gets anxious about that though).

So let me start now!

For  previous references: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017


For the first time, I spent the change of year at office due to some work stuffs to be finished. Along with some other events happening on the day, I pretty much will remember 1 January 2018 for a long time.

Laugh a little bit more with them

I had a meetup with reverse-family of mine on 5 January.
A friend of mine gave birth to a daughter that night and I visited on the next day (congrats, Dewi & Alvin! Welcome to the world, baby Candy).

Visiting the new Mom & Dad!

I had a quick trip to Bandung twice on January;
13-14 January and then 27-28 January.
Taken at Dago Bakery

I managed to visit Bukit Bintang (including Patahan Lembang), Lereng Anteng, play board games, and enjoyed foods!
I closed the first month of 2018 with mixed up feelings of trying to let go of what I really care about and doing what is right. Thankfully, I chose the latter one. 

Note: Watch "Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds"! I cried thrice watching it three times during that one scene and, no, I rarely cry when watching movies!


I was not in the right mind during this second year of 2018.
Personal-wise and work-wise; I couldn't keep things together (not that I do it amazingly though now).

After all-you-can-eat brunch

Anyway I visited Surabaya for the first time on 19 January after celebrating the Chinese New Year on 16th.
Then we had to clean up the apartment -- where I would live at for almost 8 months afterwards. I'll talk about Surabaya on later month.

Also learned that betrayal sucks in a hard way in the end of the month.
I'm not even sure if I could say it's a betrayal but let me stick with that word because that's what came into my mind whenever I remember it.

Note: I only watched 1 movie this month ("Downsizing") and, to be honest, it doesn't get in the list of my favorites.


Had a meetup with the B-Ship crews (same university but became good friends during my work at previous office) on 3rd,
given the 'truth' on 11th (pretty sure it's sugar-coated already),

celebrated my little brother's 20th birthday on 12th,
and then a culinary-random-escape-trip to Cirebon on 24th-25th (although we somehow ended up with a visit to Lembang on our way back to Jakarta, lol).

Hello from (incomplete) B-crews (and extended crews)

You'll see us in another trip soon, people

Oh, and, I think since 31 January, both Hani and I had this random Wednesday-dinner after office hour. It's such a fun dinnertime actually but, due to my project schedule, this activity doesn't have chances all year long though.

I closed the end of March by attending the mass of Holy Saturday with Hilda -- a day before Easter.

Note: Also only watched 1 movie this month but I think it's pretty good. See Jessica Chastain in "Molly's Game"!

I started staying in Surabaya for work project, meaning I only returned to Jakarta once in a month. Surabaya is pretty hot when we talk about the weather, pretty crowded but can't compare it to the J-town though.

We tried a lot of new places for food, getting "Bubur Goreng Mantan" in our list. I also try any place to work well due to no decent table to work in our apartment.

More toppings than the porridge itself
Oh, on 7th, it's my 4-year work anniversary! Time passed so quick, don't you think?
And an old friend of mine succeeded in persuading me to have an iPhone 6S so, yes, I still have it with me until now.

: Watched "Ready Player One" if you're a fan of fantasy-game genre or "A Quiet Place" for a horror genre! Watched both and I like them a lot!

Can Be Better lyrics, by HIGHLIGHT


On 5 May, a friend of mine since high school named Carola got married. Thanks for having me in your special day! Also met up with college friends there as if it's a reunion, lol.
Wedding day = small reunion

Then on 12th, I visited Suroboyo Carnival Park for the second time (first one is on November 2015). This time Valentcia (who got assigned for work project in Surabaya as well!), Frendy, and Matthew. We had a lot of fun!

Happy girls at amusement park

On 24th, it's my 27th birthday! Shandy was in Surabaya at the very day and we went to Monumen Kapal Selam that evening. Thanks a lot for the companion!

In front of MonKasel

I watched the "Dreamgirls" musical performance by JPAC on 27th with Valentcia! Would love to watch another performance for sure.


Then Monica and I made another trip (last year is Taiwan, of which I haven't finished the posts /cry) and it's Singapore this year! Sometimes I wonder how amazing we are for dragging ourselves everywhere when we're never good with directions but always up for foods, lol. The trip starts on the night of 28th.

Ah, I seriously need to write the details of my trip to Singapore. Been 5 times there but haven't written anything proper!

Partner-in-crime for food and travel

The Singapore trip ended on 2 June,
celebrated Mom's 53rd birthday on 4 June,
received some love with the birthday presents,
visited RUCI ArtSpace on 9 June,
had a dinner with (incomplete) MPH on 12 June,
visited DUFAN on 14 June -- I think it's been 10 years since the last time I went there,
had a meetup with (incomplete) B-crews on 17 June,
dinner with officemates at ONNI House (pretty place!) on 20 June.

Once in a year, no?

Pretty place for messed up people like us

Note: Oh, due to the long holiday schedule, I stayed in Jakarta for 3 weeks instead in Surabaya, that's why I had quite appointments here and there.

Secretly wish to get rid of the brand so I can get a prettier shot of this ferris wheel


It's been 6 years since I graduated from university since 21 July 2012, people!

Anyway, I managed to visit a new place this month (15-16 July): Batu, Malang!
Driving from Surabaya, three of us spent a night there to visit Museum Angkut, Batu Night Spectacular, and Batu Secret Zoo.
I seriously recommend these place to visit -- but will be great to avoid crowd though.

Cross the road, team!

Another serious thing happened around end of July (after a happy day of 21st where I went to Serpong for boardgame-time!) of which I got 'slapped' that second chance doesn't always mean better result. Well, lesson learned very well.

The Bunker, here we are!

Note: Path had stopped operating. Such a shame because I actually recorded almost everything there.

Museum Angkut is such a great place to take bunch of pictures


To the eight month of 2018 we go now.

A beloved friend ('granddaughter') of mine got married on 11th but I couldn't manage to attend the party. Congrats for your wedding, Sevian (Seesee!).

On 21st, I joined a meetup with Christopher, discussing about understanding opposite sex. I met new people and, as much as being an introvert, I'd love to join another meetup in the future!

Check LiveLifeIndo.com for more information

Nothing much happened during August but more work and work due to the preparation for Go Live on 31 August. Long nights, extra patience, and screwed up eating schedule. Yep, we went through all of those!

Oh and I bought a pocket camera for personal purpose. Hopefully it will be useful for me.

Note: The sequel of "Along with The Gods" is released; "The 49 Days". I prefer the first though.

A good book for read

Congrats on your wedding, Floren, on 1 September! Sorry for not being able to be there.

September is another long month for work after Go Live in Surabaya. Like, seriously, a long one. Not going to break it down here though.

I met Hilda's baby, Jason, for the first time on 16th! Such a cute and handsome baby he is!
Then I had a meeting in Bandung for a new project (I stayed there for a couple of days). Yep, you read it right, moving to another city for work! Not complaining though.


Then the special day finally came: the wedding day of two of my best friends, Delbert & Fenny. Thanks for having me as your bridesmaid! So happy for your two!

Note: Watched "Crazy Rich Asian" for romance, "Searching" for thriller, "The House with a Clock in Its Walls" for fantasy, "Johnny English Strikes Again" for comedy.

Happy for you, D&F!

Let me celebrate one of the best days in 2018 for me: 6 October.

I listen to K-Pop but I can't say I'm an avid fan of it. I love music in general but I do follow the K-Pop trends somehow. However I only have a couple of groups that I really like. BEAST is on top of the list; they changed their name to HIGHLIGHT after having their own company, Around Us.

I watched their performance on 2012 and they never visited Indonesia again after that year (wonder why) so when I read the news of them attending K-Pop Concert by KOCCA, I tried my best to attend it. Somehow hate the fact that the free tickets were given for lucky winners because not everyone who got lucky is actual fan.

My standard camera does not any justice for them

Anyway I was lucky enough because a good person got two of them and sold it to me for IDR 55o,000 where I got to attend the concert. Did it worth it? Yes. Very much.
However the fanmeeting session is such a mess though.

Since that day, I became active (again) on Twitter to get myself updated with their news and I am totally happy to do it!

Move along to 13 October where I almost missed a flight for the first time. Goodness, that morning was such a mess, lol. It's the last flight I had (this year?) from Surabaya to Jakarta. Yes, I ended my schedule in Surabaya (for now) because I would likely spend every Monday and Friday on train from/to Bandung.

Note: Happy 9th Anniversary, HIGHLIGHT!

16 October will always be a special date

What do I have for November?
Well, I should write a dedicated post for this one though.

Jogjakarta is such a nice city to visit!

A trip by train from Jakarta to Jogjakarta, a flight from Jogjakarta to Bali.
Yes, I had the longest trip I ever had, starting from the evening of 17th until 25th.
Thanks Valentcia for being such a great travel partner!

Quick recap of the trip:

[]  Candi Prambanan
[] I sprained my ankle on the evening when returning from Ratu Boko
[] Merapi Sunrise Jeep Tour (but no sunrise due to weather)
[] Puncak Becici
[] Beringharjo Market 
[] Candi Borobudur 
[] Gua Maria Sendangsono
[] Taman Sari
[] Nusa Lembongan
[] GWK Cultural Village
[] Uluwatu Temple
[] Bali Zoo
[] Ubud

Vitamin-sea, they said? But we're not into beach much actually, lol

Oh, I bought a MiTV for home and we're having fun 'playing' with the features until now.

Watched a lot of movies by myself in Bandung since the mall is pretty close from where I stay. Totally recommend "Bohemian Rhapsody". And finally: the sequel of Fantastic Beasts!

Sunset from Ratu Boko

And, here we are, the last month of 2018.

The month of good movies, that's all I can say.
"Mortal Engines", "Widows", "Aquaman", "Bumblebee", "Milly & Mamet", and "Mary Poppins Returns". All of them are recommended!

(Yes, I'm not going to mention "The Possession of Hannah Grace" in one sentence because... just no.)

Congrats to Brenda for the opening of Tekofio on December! I love the Choco Red Velvet! Good luck for your little but great coffee shop. I visited there on 8 Dec with Dewi and Monica.

Trio Gemini's first meetup in 2018 at Tekofio

I read a very good (but dark) webtoon titled "An Uncomfortable Truth" that I really miss writing good stories (have I ever written a good one though? pfft).
I got stuck on train for 7+ hour on my way back to Jakarta for an annual year-end lunch/meeting on 14th.

An incomplete one but here we are anyway!
Visited MOJA on 22 Dec with Christopher (I only met him twice this year, no?).
Had an all-you-can-eat dimsum lunch with Monica on 23 Dec at Pluit; it's pretty delicious though.
Had another all-you-can-eat session on 28 Dec with officemates at Puri; the last working day in 2018.

Oh, I watched The Overtunes live performance on 29 Dec. The closest distance I ever had with performers -- only 2 metres, I guess. Glad that I could hear them performing live!

Note: I stay in Jakarta from 21 December to 6 January 2019, people!

Yep, I was this close to The Overtunes - no zoom in

 What do I feel right now after finishing this recap?

I don't write too detailed events now that I re-read them, do I?
My ankle still hurts -- because I don't really rest well; I still cough a lot for weeks now.
I want to write more.
I'm planning for the itinerary for the trips I will have in 2019 (hint: January and May).
I play Mobile Legends a lot these days.
I eat more vegetables than before nowadays! Seriously!
I think that forgiveness doesn't mean you should forget everything.
I believe trust is really, really important.
I wonder what I should do in 2019.

Well, that's a lot of stuffs in mind.

Taken at National Orchid Garden in Singapore

 There are a lot of tragedies happened during this year -- my deepest condolences.
Praying for everyone who went through hardships in 2018,
expecting a better 2019 for everyone.

I hope 2018 give you good lessons and happy memories to remember.
Enjoy the last day of 2018 to the fullest.

See you all in 2019!

See you next year!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

‡ Memories of 2017 ‡

The curtain of 2017 is going to fall.

My 2017 has been such a ride of surprises; be it good or... not so good.
This year's review might not be as detail as the previous review but I'll write my best in this post for sure!

To start with, I'm very sorry (again) for not posting much in the past 12 months here.
My time management has been so rusty that I think I'm having trouble to get it back but, yes, I'm trying.
Trust me, I'm still trying until now.

So, here we go!
(Psst, I'd probably give more pictures than usual to cover up my lack of words in description this year. Bear with them!
But I'll update the pictures frequently as I haven't prepared them enough at the moment)

For  previous references: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015| 2016


My 2017 started with a Sunday Mass with Monica and accompanying her to watch a movie.

Then on 4th, I had my first 2017 flight to Semarang for work and then returned to Jakarta on 8th.
On 12th, I had dinner meetup with Agatha, Hilda, and Livia at The Cafe - Hotel Mulia. It's such a pleasant experience indeed!

Let's meet up again soon!

On 14th, an event happened and I still remembered it all too well, just right before my flight to Singapore for holiday on the next day. Yep, I spent 4 days 3 nights in Singapore on 15-18 January 2017 with Jeanette and Valentcia! We also managed to meet with a good friend of mine there, Ila.


Nothing much happened in January except from some emotional debate within myself which lasted until the early February.

Why Him?, La La Land, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Monster Trucks


The second month of 2017 kicked off with a sprinkle of emotional drama in heart. Let's just say I'm not as logical as I thought; should I say I'm quite naive?

On 12th, I enjoyed a karaoke night with Monica, Very, and Wien! Been a while and I don't really remember why we ended up together that day.

People who love karaoke-ing

Anyhow, I also ended up celebrating my Valentine's Day with Monica at Little Ubud, having dinner together.
And, yes, I had more days to spend with her after February. You'll see.

A Dog's Purpose, Kungfu Yoga, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, Lion, Split


The first wedding party I attended in 2017 is Surya and Norita's on 5th. Also celebrated my youngest brother's 19th birthday on 12th.
And there's a belated birthday surprise for February girls in MPH, Fenny and Valentcia, on 18th at Flip Burger.

Belated birthday(s) celebration
I spent the end of March in Cikarang for a new project with a German Company. It's such an interesting one as I should communicate with them in English and new acquaintances indeed! All of them are really friendly!

Museum (Japanese), Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Galih & Ratna, Hidden Figures, Beauty & The Beast, The Devil's Candy, Life, Danur


It's a very busy month for me as I needed to prepare for a Go Live. I spent most of my nights at coffee shop (Starbucks? No, I don't drink coffee though) to finish some tasks that I could have finished if I was better in time management.
Yep, I dragged myself to nowhere so early in the year.

Managed to meetup at some of my friend at PIK on 16th, since Jeanette had not been in Jakarta for a while.

Grill with laughter
Then on 28-29-30 April, my team spent the midnights together to prepare for the Go Live. There were a LOT of funny things happened at the moment that I really couldn't share here for the sake of our images. lol

Ghost in the Shell, Get Out, Miss Sloane, The Fate of the Furious, Stip & Pensil, The Boss Baby, The Guys, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


I celebrated the first of May at my client's office, together with Hani, Frendy, and Ricky (I usually call him 'Ko Jreng' though). We returned from there at 6 in the morning and, no, I didn't catch my sleep afterwards! I dashed off to Sunter with Mom later before hitting the bed in the afternoon.
Apparently my skill to keep awake still exists -- no, I shouldn't be proud it, should I?

On 9th though I read a news that made me frown regarding a verdict that I found unfair. I am not into politic but, for the first time, I found the definition of justice should be questioned.

I had my very first musical stage experience on 14th, watching West Side Story at Taman Ismail Marzuki! It's magical, really. I would love to have another experience next time.

And May would definitely be my most memorable month of 2017 because...


Yep, my trip to Taiwan with Monica, from 20-27 May 2017, of which I haven't finished writing down the details yet (part 1 here, part 2 here).
Would I want to visit Taiwan again if I have a chance?
A big YES!

Oh, I also got my first birthday cake surprise from family on 27th, upon my return after the trip. Yes, you read it well, the first. I am usually the one who got the cakes for birthday persons at home.

I was sincerely surprised!

Seteru, The Circle, Critical Eleven, Unlocked, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


On early days of June, there's not much happening around except my Mom's birthday on 4th, then an eMpTy's meetup on 10th of which Delbert and Fenny joined for a (successful) belated birthday surprise at The Bunker. Thanks again!

Success surprise, people!

Also celebrated my Dad's Chinese birthday on 11th, had a meetup with my reverse-random-family (don't ask what it means) on 12th at PHX Grogol -- our last meetup is 30 April 2015!

Faking laughter enough? lol

Then on 14th to 16th, it's office outing time!
We spent 3 days and 2 nights at Bandulu, from discussion to games, been a while since we actually spent time altogether.
Oh, my best memory is indeed having David being the "superstar" at night session. He's such a dork that I wanted to punch and befriend at the same time.

On 18th, another event that caused another emotional struggle happened again.
You see, I learned things in hard way sometimes but, at that day, all I wanted to say is only four-words.

"For everything, thank you."

I had two more first-time-experiences on June: Museum Benteng Heritage on 24th and a staycation at Aviary Bintaro on 30th. I recommended both of them!

The Lost City of Z, The Mummy, Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter, Wonder Woman, The Whole Truth, Transformers: The Last Knight, Sweet 20, Insyaalah Sah


I really had nothing much to tell on July except that 16th is one of the biggest turning points in 2017 for me.
You see, I always thought that I know myself very well but, turned out, I was wrong.

Anyway, there's also a heartbreaking news on 20th, of which Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, had gone from the world. As I said on my Instagram, I might not be a big fan of him but I grew up listening to his voice. Such a good soul to be remembered.

Messy VS Strategic team

On 22nd, I met up with some of my colleagues for Sate and then had fun at The Bunker (I'm currently enjoying board game with friends, actually).
On 23rd, I spend a day to watch Mobile Legend tournament at Gandaria City -- I don't look like one of good players, do I?
On 30th, I attended BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 at Balai Kartini Jakarta. It's an unique experience actually and, by unique, I mean I enjoyed it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baywatch, Dunkirk, War for the Planet of the Apes


My brother, Erric, was graduated on 1st!
Happy Graduation!

I attended the second day of The 4th ASEAN Literary Festival at Kota Tua on 4th,
accompanied both my brothers upon their participation for Rubik's Cube Indonesian Championship on 6th,
received my belated birthday presents from MPH on 15th (I like the bag and dress very much!),
gave a super belated birthday pancake to Monica on 20th at The Bailey's and Chloe,
and had my another first-time-experience on 24th: Gin Tonic.

I am not into alcohol, nope, and I don't like beer, but on one Thursday evening with Hani, accompanying the clients from German, I managed to have five (I guess) glasses of Gin Tonic and I actually like it...? lol

Oh, and I actually had the early visit to AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City on 17th... for work, of course. So, yes, I've seen the ferris wheel, but never got into it yet.

Annabelle: Creation, The Battleship Island, Bad Genius, American Made


Back to Cirebon. Yep, I was back to Cirebon with new team members for a new project.
It became my first-time-experience to book Airy Room there and, trust me, there are a LOT of stupid things we did back there.
Including missing our morning train. Such an epic one, indeed. lol

Attended Mew and Raisa's wedding party on 2nd and Yohanes and Susi's wedding party on 9th; both the grooms are my colleagues at work.

I became a bridesmaid for the third time on 17th for Alvin and Liani's wedding. The night before is such a full-of-laughter night; perhaps due to the fact that the bridal party (groom, bride, bestmen, bridesmaids) knew each other already!

B&G, Bridesmaids & Bestmen

My September closed with another wedding party of which, for my surprise, one of the bestmen is my best friend and also my colleague, one of the bridesmaids is also my good friend and my ex-colleague. What a small world!

Warkop DKI Part 2, Baby Driver, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, It, Gerbang Neraka, Pengabdi Setan


Now, October is definitely the most... what word should I use to describe it?
Every feeling is mixed up in this tenth month of 2017 and I can't really find a word in my dictionary to define the experiences.

I attended Marlon and Felicia's holy matrimony -- the bride is my friend from junior high school and there is a very lovely quote I heard at that day.

"Remember, love stays if only you let it be."

However things went out from my expectations on the evening. I couldn't really break the details here but, well, things were supposed to be wrapped up on 7th.

Because on 9th to 13th, I spent a week at Cikarang with Hani for the Go Live -- remember Gin Tonic? lol.
I tried a shot of (local) Tequilla on 12th and, thank God, Hani is my partner for the project. She's my first partner for my first project at my current office so, somehow, we managed to be good friends?
For the professional and personal help during the week, thank you so much, Hani!

14th is officially the very twisted day of my 2017.
Within hours, a lot of things happened, from the most expected to the least unexpected.
Luckily I have some good friends to help me. Literally help.

Then again a happy day on 15th is a must to celebrate: wedding party of Antony and Rufina, one of my "daughters" -- again, do not ask. lol

On 18th, our project schedule in Cirebon had ended.
On 19th, I started the weekly Thursday badminton schedule with my colleagues! It's actually fun that I tried my best not to miss the Badminton-Thursday -- or whatever I should call it.

David is my most favorite-unfortunate-partner though. We never win if we play together yet we like to play at least a game together on Thursday. Strange? Trust me, he's stranger than you could think of. In a good way of being a friend, of course. lol

On 20th I had my new first-time-experience: Escapade to Bandung on train by myself! I visited Trans Studio Bandung and Chinatown Bandung also. Such a good day to escape, indeed.

Bedrock crews!
And I kept telling myself during this month: "Forgive yourself".

I made a lot of people worried about me. Like, a lot.
And I feel so sorry even until now.

Blade Runner 2049, The Promise, Jomblo, Happy Death Day, Thor: Ragnarok


You see, my trouble from 14th of October still continued to November.
And, oh my, I wondered why on the 14th this month I also experienced something so unusual and strange that I couldn't help but keep wondering about it until this very moment.

Okay, back to my trouble.
How bad was it? You could say it's severe enough, I guess.
I lost my appetite, my sleeping time only ranged for 4-5 hours and I usually woke up all of a sudden, and it led to GERD on 10th. However I was reminded that I was so blessed with all the care.

I attended Fery and Cindy's wedding on 11th,
unfortunately failed to attend Josef and Stheresia's wedding on 12th but I met up with some old friends from HIMSISFO for 5-hour karaoke,
spent time at KUUP Board Game Cafe on 18th which continued to karaoke with my colleagues.

Play as much as we can!

Due to several unknown reasons, I fell sick on 25th -- from migraine to fever to cough to sprue to bleeding gums.
By I mean bleeding, it happened constantly and it's so uncomfortable.
I could wake up with blood in my mouth -- yep, so not pretty to look or listen.

Posesif, Justice League, Chasing The Dragon, Coco, Daddy's Home 2


Again, December has always been a complicated month to close the year.

My first day this month opened up with a good moment but closed with a complex matter.

A lot of things happened, talked, discussed;
not only my emotional struggle but also applied for family, work, and friendship matters.
I seriously need to remind myself to cope up with everything calmly -- which is really difficult for me.

I honestly hope I'm not complaining too much here.
Pardon me if you feel that way though.

Anyway, in December a very great event was also celebrated!
On 2nd, the bridal shower.
On 3rd, the Sangjit ceremony.
On 17th, the wedding mass.
On 23rd, the wedding party.

Two of my seniors at office got married! I was so glad I could help them at some occasions. ;)
Live happily ever after, Ko Ivin and Ci Fanie!

A best friend of mine since junior high school also got married on 3rd: Denny and Silvia.

On 18th, my office had an annual meeting of which we got ourselves prepared for the new year.
Also on the evening, a heartbreaking news hit me.

SHINee's Kim Jonghyun left the world and it's due to depression.
I couldn't talk much about it but I do know that depression is real and painful and dark.
Please rest in peace, Jonghyun.

MPH had a (incomplete) Christmas dinner on 23rd afternoon!

Pretty neat, aren't we?
As for the Christmas Day itself, I met up with Monica and Wien for dinner and movie time.
On both  22nd and 29th, I spent my Friday nights with colleagues at KUUP Board Game Cafe again! So much of board games for the year!

And, now, at the moment, on 31st, I'm currently at the office, completing this blog post, accompanied with Enceil and Matthew. It's the first time I actually spent my New Year's eve for work and, hey, with good team it doesn't feel that bad!


Murder on Orient Express, Satu Hari Nanti, Wonder, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Susah Sinyal, Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Greatest Showman


Well, that's a wrap for my 2017!
I'm going to look forward for what 2018 has in store for me.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, everyone!