Tuesday, December 31, 2013

‡ Moments of 2013 ‡

Tick tock, tick tock.
The clock is ticking as the time goes on, counting down for another new year.

(It's 3:45 as I'm typing; less than 9 hours to midnight)

Yes, it's already 31 December 2013, the last day of this year.
364 days have passed with different moments we lived on each day.

Even though I didn't update so often here, this blog is still my favorite place to write down everything I want to. Therefore, just like what I always do every year since 2008, I'll do a quick review of my year.

For previous references: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012

The very first month of 2013 and let's look back at my resolution for 2013 here.

Talk more, do even more. Hopefully I managed to work out this resolution. Not the best state though, if I must admit. Instead of just talking, I tried to take an action. Example? I'll write it down on the October part.
Save more, spend less. This, unfortunately, I failed. I definitely have a big problem with money management. Well, if I could give a good reason (which is not that good enough as well), I just took whatever decisions first without concerning much of the expenses. This felt good at first, just to strike me when money came between.
Write more, read more. I happened to work this resolution for the first half year but ended up failing it afterwards. One of the obvious proofs is I rarely update this blog. Also I still have at least a dozen of books I haven't finished in my room.
Decide, passion. As for this, I have decided but (yes, this is probably a lame excuse) I haven't managed to go on with it. Yet. I'll talk about this later on tomorrow's post.

What's so memorable about January 2013?

Flood. 23-27 January 2013, I was completely trapped in house due to the heavy rain and flood. That's quite memorable.

Truth to be told, there's nothing much I could note for this so-called-love-month.

However, I started to wonder about many things at work, about how different everyone could be and all. When a problem happened, what would we do to encounter it? Each person could give different answers.

Music Bank in Jakarta. That's the most memorable moment I have for March 2013. I don't even need to think about it.
9 March 2013. I went to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium with Jeanette, waiting for 3-4 hours before rushing to take seats (okay, no, we're standing during the whole concert). Perhaps it's not the best concert ever but, still, with all the idols there, it just felt amazing!

Oh, and I celebrated my first anniversary since I started to work at office with two of my friends, Liani and Stella. Time did fly, right?

The month when I learned that with every decision, comes the equal consequence. If you expect something good, you should prepare yourself for the worst as well. I tried to do that and, despite the fact that it still felt disappointing, I guess I could say I grew a little bit more mature. Perhaps?

My 22nd birthday (here for the reference). Went to Pacific Place and, as long as I remember, it's also the day I decided to start collecting the original books instead of translated of ones. They're more expensive but, well, they give me different vibes when reading in English. Besides, I do need to improve my English, right?

HTC One. I bought a new phone this year. I joined the queue for the 'premiere' on 9 June for hours. Yes, for hours. I managed to get black for the first but ended up to pick the white when I noticed a black dot on the screen.

I like it but, if there's a note you must know, I have a problem with the camera and reddish hue for now. Don't know if it's fixable or else.

Sixth month passed, marking half-year since the year started. Nothing much happened this month but, well, I pretty much enjoyed the year. I think it's around the time when I started to be busy with whatever that I can't even remember.

One Great Step in Jakarta.

Hello to INFINITE! I went to another concert this year. This time is INFINITE on their way of world tour. I took VVIP seat and went there by myself (Mata Elang International Stadium at Ancol). I enjoyed the concert very much (until I lost my voice for two days later on).

This is probably the month with peace of 2013. Well, not literally but, yes, it's pretty much just fine. I didn't think of anything much this month: work, social life, random activities. Life felt just good. Not the best, but good enough.

Malaysia Trip! The complete story is here.

I also received a sad news this month regarding my best friend's father (my deepest condolences).

On this month I also received a 'slap' from friend (whom I had not met for more than a year already). He told me that I should stop procrastinating if I really had a dream I wanted to do. It did no good and I should stop just thinking about it; take an action and work everything out.

This, my friends, led me to take one further step of making a dream comes true. Hopefully.

Rafting. Yep, I went to Pengalengan with my colleagues at work. Of all activities (outbond, paintball, and rafting), I love rafting the most. Well, to start with, I'm not into extreme sports or else but I do love trying new things.

The last month of 2013. Contrary to September, a lot of things actually happened this month.

Visiting a new mall (Baywalk Pluit Mall), meeting up with old friends, share opinions and all, catching up with movies, trying new places to eat (I visited PIK for 4 times at night this month; I only visited there 3 times for the past years), declaring new activities to do in 2014 (taking photos on January, island trip on February), and the list goes on.

For the side note, I spent a lot this month for fun but, to assure myself, it's worth everything I cherished.

My 2013 is not perfect but, then again, it's never about the perfection.
It's about how I lived it without regret and always grateful for every single day I had.

Thanks God for everything You had given for me this year.

So did you live your 2013 to the fullest?

Happy New Year's Eve.


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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

‡ Merry Christmas 2013 ‡

What is your favorite holiday?

Ever since I was a kid, mine is Christmas Day.

When I was still at elementary school, I always felt excited whenever December came because it simply meant a longgg holiday, knowing that a new year would also come.

I would wait for good movies on television, going out to malls to see the decorations with Christmas trees and all, exchanging Christmas greeting cards from friends, and being a little girl who adored everything about Christmas.

Sure I learned that there would be no snow falling here in Jakarta like what I saw in the movies. There's no such thing as Santa Claus that would put a present for me (since there's no chimney here). I would never have Christmas dinner at house since my family didn't celebrate Christmas as a big event (the way they celebrated Chinese New Year for sure).

However I always love to imagine the day when Jesus was born. It was a cold day but everything must felt warm. I love to sing the Christmas songs, celebrating the Messiah who had came to the world. Christmas is beautiful in every way it can be.

Christmas Day is still my favorite until now.

So what made today different than my previous Christmas days?

Apparently since 6 October 2013, I started my Catholic baptism class to prepare myself for the baptism in December 2014. The class will guide me through the details about Catholic before I am ready to be a part of the Catholic community officially.

Does it make any difference? Yes and no.

Yes, considering I'm a little bit closer to God even more, attending masses every week and always feel blessed for it. No, knowing that I always believe in God since long, long ago. But, yes, I like the difference this year somehow.

This is definitely not a long post about Christmas but, with all my heart, I just want to wish all of you a merry Christmas.

Hopefully the world will be filled with joy, love, and peace.

Let's start from ourselves to share love and blessings with others in this life. ;)

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

‡ 4D3N to Malaysia : 17 - 20 Oct 2013 ‡

It's almost a week late but, well, it's better late than never, right?
Just like what I put on the post title, I will be writing down what I remember from my travel experience last week during my trip for 4 days and 3 night to Malaysia.

Everything started with the desire to take a break together with my best friends at office. We're browsing around for cheap flights anywhere and, gotcha, we found one with Johor Bahru as the destination. All we needed was just IDR 99,000 per person.

Though, unfortunately, the flight back to Indonesia took us RM 117 per person. Sure, it's not too expensive but, comparing to IDR 99,000, it did cost a lot. Oh, and all those costs above didn't include the baggage -- in case you're wondering.

Before I started breaking down my stories per day, I'll list down my expenses I spent before heading the country, meaning I purchased these online.

Bus from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. Calculating the costs, we decided not to book any hostel for the first night. Instead we took the bus from JB to KL at midnight, arriving there at 4 or 5 in the morning. I ordered the tickets from BusOnlineTicket.com and it costed us RM 40 per person.

Rainforest Bed & Breakfast. A hostel located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. We took Superior 4 Bed Family Ensuite, adding 1 mattress since there're five of us. RM 460 for 2 nights, 5 persons, including breakfast, private bathroom, encoded key card, and more facilities. We only paid for the 10% after booking it via HostelBookers -- around RM 8 per person.

Sunway Lagoon. It's supposed to be RM 120 per person if we bought the tickets on spot. We ordered the tickets from the official website and they costed us for only RM 102 per person.

Nights of Fright. It's a special festival to celebrate Halloween at Sunway Lagoon. They only held the special festival for five nights so we decided to buy the tickets for RM 48 per person.

Aerobus. Instead of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), we needed to take the departure flight from Low Cost Center Terminal (LCCT) Terminal which is located quite far from the main airport. We bought tickets from KL Sentral to LCCT for RM 10 per person via Aerobus official website.

How many RMs had I spent before departing to Malaysia? RM 208 per person, excluding the rest of RM 84 for the hostel.

[Thursday, 17 October 2013]

(waiting for the shuttle bus at Senai International Airport. The sun was setting down!)

I started my day with dragging my black luggage, went to my office first since my flight would depart from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 1:15 PM. However the flight was delayed and the plane left the ground at 2 PM, causing our schedule to be pretty much screwed later on.

So here's one of my most interesting stories in life started.

I sat on the different side from my friends. As always, I tried to let music took me with my Solo Beats featuring iPod Shuffle for the next hour. I didn't start any conversation with the man who sat next to me (he's with his friend who sat next to the window) until the food service started.

He greeted me first before enjoying his lunch when I read the magazine lazily. Things started pretty common like questions about what I would do in Johor, for how many days I would spend my holiday in Malaysia, etc. I also asked him some questions, finding out that he visited Jakarta just for holiday, spending three nights for good with his friend.

He introduced his name as Siwa and, after telling me about some tips and tricks as a traveler, he also told me that his son opened a restaurant called 7Spice in Johor Bahru. Not thinking about throwing random promise, I told him I would try my best to fit my time so I could visit his place. Therefore he gave me his number and said I should call him when I arrived there so he could give me discount for visiting the restaurant.

The plane arrived in Senai International Airport at 4 PM (Malaysia local time). The first thing I did was looking for Celcom, the kiosk to buy a SIM Card so I could access internet from my Android device. I bought the new SIM Card for RM 28 including RM 25 for the credits. I only needed RM 5 per day for unlimited internet access and, well, I must say I'm satisfied with the speed and all!

We were busy thinking about how to reach Legoland -- no, we're not planning to play there since it's afternoon already but we would love to take some pictures there and Hello Kitty Land. We ended up leaving to Johor Premium Outlet with the shuttle bus since the driver told us it would be useless to go there when the sun almost set down. With all disappointment, we headed to take a walk around Johor Premium Outlet (and bought nothing actually. If you like branded stuff, you would love to come here but, since I don't, I'd pass next time I visited there) before taking the shuttle bus to JB Sentral.

(at Johor Premium Outlet. Somewhat reminded me of Paris van Java - Bandung)

So here's the first thing I noticed, Johor Bahru is pretty much new and, gosh, finding public transportation there nearly frustrated me. I don't know if it's just me who didn't pay enough attention around but I only saw some buses and taxis (which pretty expensive from my quick calculation. And, oh, the taxis would only take 4 persons in one car for the sake of the rules).

Upon our arrival at JB Sentral, we're stuck to find the way to Larkin Sentral, the terminal to take buses or taxis. Luckily (with fear engulfed me during the whole trip), there's a man who offered us a ride on his car with RM 20 to Larkin from there. When the car stopped, some youngsters surrounded the car, offering us bus tickets to KL (they're the reason of our biggest fears at the night since who knew if they would take our luggage away!).

It's busy and crowded. It's not even 10 PM yet and, truth to be told, I was anxious, thinking about the fact that we should wait there until midnight. It just felt insecure for me. Then I sent a text message to Mr Siwa (my companion from the flight, remember?), telling him that I was sorry that I couldn't visit the restaurant (which I saw on the way to JB Sentral) since we had no idea how to get there.

Here's the surprise started continuously.

Mr Siwa called me, asking whether if I was at Larkin already or not. He said he would pick us there, wondering if it's alright if we waited for him fifteen or twenty minutes. My eyes widened upon his question -- did I just hear him right, I thought to myself. He assured me that he would be on his way there even after I told him that there were five of us.

After I told my friends, one of them didn't feel alright with this random luck. Thoughts like did the person know that we brought luggage or would he drive us back to Larkin later or possibility that he wanted to fool us to pay really expensive later filled mind.

I'll cut it short. He showed up with his nephew who's also a doctor (and graduated from Romania). He drove Toyota Alphard (which awed my friends -- I know nothing about automotive stuffs). When we walked in the restaurant which was pretty much crowded, a waiter greeted us and led us to empty tables with "reserved" board on them.

We searched through the menu, feeling hungry after hours lurking around. I asked for the recommended dishes but Mr Siwa ordered them already for us. All we added were just beverages and, yeah, I started to think about the total price we needed to pay. Let's say that it would sum up to RM 250 (around IDR 800,000 or 900,000).

The surprise didn't end there, people. When we had finished the delicious dinner and asked for the bill, the waiter told us that there's no bill -- it's all on Mr Siwa. He told me he could understand how it felt to be a new traveler in a new country. He said this was the least he could do for us.

Oh, yeah, he drove us back to Larkin later after asking us if we still needed anything else. We thanked him and his family for so many times (oh, for your information, he also texted me on our last night in KL, asking if we had fun there).

(with Mr Siwa, in front of his son's restaurant)

Tell me. Weren't we lucky?

I promise myself I will definitely visit the restaurant again when I come to Johor Bahru for the second time!

[Friday, 18 October 2013]

(at Pudu Sentral, waiting for Go Genting bus)

The bus to KL departed at 12 AM and we tried our best to have a good sleep (but it's pretty difficult for me). We arrived at Pudu Sentral at 4 AM, still in dazed after the short sleep time (and we're greeted with some taxi drivers who kept insisting to drive us anywhere). With the help of Google Maps, we found our way to Rainforest Bed & Breakfast.

Although I had e-mailed the staff before and they would be open at 6:30 AM, we're saved once again with the luck. This time, it's by the security staff. He let us in and used the bathroom and all until the time to check-in. Actually we should check-in at 2 PM but, when I asked if I could store our luggage first because we needed to leave as soon as possible, the staff let us to check-in earlier so we didn't need to worry about storing the luggage later at night.

We looked for quick breakfast at Alor Street before heading to Pudu Sentral, buying the tickets to Genting Highland for RM 10.60 per person. There are schedules for the bus departures so you better check them in their official website for a better planning. With bus transfer and skyway transfer, we arrived in Genting and, yes, it's pretty cold there so I suggest you bring extra clothes to wear there.

My first experience of visiting a casino happened that day. We entered Genting Casino and, after a long discussion, we took RM 20 for the bid. Oh yes, we tried to play a simple game of guessing whether the final number would be 'big' or 'small'. Don't expect me to explain it here or else you will get wrong idea of the game.

Our luck didn't end that moment. We won for four times, meaning we received extra RM 80 (and we didn't lose the RM 20 for sure). We decided to stop since we still needed to look for lunch at the mall and then took a free shuttle bus to Chin Swee Temple (there are schedules for these too).

(at the staircase, located at Chin Swee Caves Temple)

The Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Taoist temple in Genting Highlands. The view is breathtaking. I love the scenery and atmosphere. We left Chin Swee, back to Genting to take the bus to Titiwangsa according to the schedule. That's our next stop before leaving to Batu Caves with KTM Komuter (or is it LRT? I don't remember).

And our luck finally reached the top.

It's raining so heavily that we could only see the gold statue from far. My friend said we're supposed to climb a steep flight of 276 steps to reach the top. We didn't do it due to the weather and decided to head for our next schedule, Petronas Twin Towers.

(taken by Dewi Susanti with her Samsung Galaxy S4. Not edited using photoshop!)

We tried our best to take pictures with the twin skyscrapers as the background before finally looking for our way to Chinatown. It's already so late that we could only have dinner there instead of looking something for us to buy.

Oh, when we're confused about how to reach Chinatown, we asked a strange for direction and the uncommonly kind stranger insisted to walk us there. Well, he asked for money later actually but my friend avoided it with smart reasons so, well, don't drop your guard there perhaps.

We closed our second night by returning to the hostel afterwards.

[Saturday, 19 October 2013]

Sunway Lagoon was our only destination for the day. Our first problem started with the question "how to get there?!".

(Oh, I accidentally left our schedule in Johor and I forgot to put the file in my phone so, yeah, screw me for guessing all the fixed schedules)

We knew we probably could reach Sunway Lagoon by changing KTM, LRT, or whatever transportation we could take but, no, we ended up negotiating with taxi driver since we found out it's quite far from Bukit Bintang. To save our time (it took 20 minutes by taxi and almost 2 hours by other route), we agreed with RM 35 to reach Sunway.

The park opened at 10 AM and, since there's a kind of family day, there were a large crowd already inside. We wasted almost an hour inside because we're confused about what kind of attraction we should play first. We finally rent a big locker for a whole day -- it's RM 40 -- and started to play the dry attractions first before lunchtime.

Did I just say dry? Yes, because we went for the wet ones later. The Water Park. You really must try the 5D and Vuvuzela. It's a must! Oh, and our luck didn't last for the whole day again, because it rained again for one or two hours.

The park would be closed at 6 PM, we washed ourselves at 4:30 PM since we had predicted there would be long queue for the shower rooms. We left to Sunway Pyramid Mall, planning for some groceries stop later and had a quick dinner before walking back to Sunway Lagoon for the special event, Nights of Fright.

Greeted by staffs with scary make-ups, we entered the park again for the second time in the same day. We could see some characters from horror movies (Freddy Kruger, Billy from Saw) and we're free to take pictures with them. There were also some attractions to enjoy there. If you're easily scared with some surprise elements, you would be surprised for multiple times. I'm a so-so person when it comes to surprise elements but I'd say it's pretty cool for the event!

(Frightening! It's Horrorwood behind us!)

We left the park before 9:30 PM, back to Sunway Pyramid and bought some stuffs. Again with taxi negotiating, we finally returned to the hostel with RM 42 for the taxi fare.

Our third night was closed with preparation to return on the next day.

[Sunday, 20 October 2013]

There's basically nothing I could share on this final day.

Why? Because all was in a rush.

We woke up a little bit late that morning. Okay, it's not a little. Our flight was at 1:10 PM and we just woke up at 7:30 AM. Ain't it a problem?

Actually we wanted to go to Sungai Wang Plaza or Berjaya Times Square but the malls are opened at 10 AM and the schedule for Aerobus was 10:15 AM so say goodbye to the malls. We managed to catch the bus from KL Sentral at 10 AM.

Waiting for the flight at LCCT, we bought some stuffs at Duty Free (hello, Chocolate! I'm a chocoholic here so you could expect I bought some chocolate during travelling). For your extra note, we tried to spend the Ringgit coins everywhere, causing us to receive the final call for the boarding at 12:40 PM.

No delay. Nothing big happened. The plane arrived ten minutes earlier than from the schedule at Jakarta.

Well, we're back to Indonesia!

Now, isn't it a long post just now? I didn't expect to write such a long story actually but, thank you, for you who read until this sentence. ;)

I'm still missing so many things about having fun there but I dare to say that it's a lot cheaper in Malaysia than in Singapore but, at the same time, I still prefer to spend some good days in Singapore. Well, maybe it's just me, because Singapore is a smaller country and it's easy to reach any spot in the country with MRT.

That's it for tonight. I'll see you guys on the next post! ;)

Quoted from Muhammad Ali, it's said that friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school but, if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

So here's my (short) story about a guy who celebrates his birthday on 2 September every year. This year he turns 23 and, therefore, I dedicate this blog post especially for him.

We met for the first time during August 2008 -- yes, 5 years ago. Time did fly, right? We were in the same class for new college students, spending a week to get used with new environment, knowing a little better about Information Systems as our major. However we barely even talked to each other during the week.

Our class wanted to join an audition to perform on new students' inauguration day and fate led us to be in a group. There we became friends, going to karaoke, having fun with ice skating, and fate didn't leave just like that. We met again in the same class for our first semester.

Together with Brenda, three of us were well known as 'one package', came in three everywhere, combined in a study group, going every place (almost) together. To make it even more better, three of us joined HIMSISFO altogether though each of us selected different commissions. It didn't matter, really, since it excited us even more to share different experiences.

Honestly speaking, our friendship story is not a fully happy one. I argued a lot with him, thanks to both of us for being stubborn. This became even more obvious -- and worse -- during our fourth to sixth semester. We argued a lot and, by that, I  mean it. A lot. I even came to the point of talking about his worst trait with anger and all.

He also scolded me, for being so childish and inconsiderate, for not being a good friend by not telling him what his mistakes were. We're the same when it came to stubborn trait but, other than that, we're actually so different that it's like two different worlds apart.

Going on and on, now that both of us have worked at different places, in case you're wondering how our friendship is at the moment, in my point of view, it's perfectly great. Actually I just had a good talk with him and other friends yesterday since it's been a while since the last time we talked so much about random topics.

I changed a lot since 2008. He changed a lot as well. We changed a lot and, for me, it's a good change.

I'm thankful for having him as my best friend, for living the great moments in my life, through the joy and sadness, through the good and bad, through the laughter and arguments. I know both of us are not perfect but, the fact that we're living our best with the imperfection, it always reminds me that no one needs to be perfect.

So, thank you, for being a best friend who would listen to me when I need the ears to listen, who would tell me news of your life when I ask. Although both of us have different friends cycle to live with most of the days, I'm glad that both of us still can talk so comfortably whenever we meet each other.

We don't need to keep in touch every week or every month but, knowing that we remember each other as a friend, it's more than enough for me. Your happiness, health, and goodness are the blessings I wish to be with you for the rest of your life -- and I pray for them to be your best companion this year as well.

For teasing me like a kid, making me laugh, scolding my mistakes, believing in me, listening to me, talking to me, being my best friend, and everything I can't express with words... A zillion thanks.

Happy birthday, Shandy. :)


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Sunday, July 07, 2013

‡ Friendship: 3 Thoughts ‡

Whatever I write here is purely my opinion about my own life and all. No hating, no bashing. Just simply what I think from my point of view so, if you're willing to read this post -- which I really appreciate, feel free to disagree with me.

Everyone has their own opinion, right?

So, here's the thing. Friendship. What do you have in mind when I mention that one word?

Childhood friends. Schoolmates. College friends. Colleagues. Birthday parties. Hanging out on weekend. Going on a trip together. Doing crazy stuff. Exchanging stories. Reunion. And more.

As for me, if I must break down my friendship stories, they will be something like these:

Elementary school - the days when I barely thought about anything. Playing around with every kid I met at school. Having fun during break time. Celebrating birthdays at mall with other kids. I just befriended anyone I could.

Junior high school - here's the moment I came to call someone as best friend. Okay, not someone. In fact I still have five persons I acknowledge as my best friends. We rarely meet other. Around once in a year but, for me, it's not about how frequent we meet each other. We appreciate our own lives and, when we're together, we appreciate our friendship which lasts so long.

Senior high school - I realized that the world is simply not as innocent as I thought. I'm not saying I hate my high school days. I treasure so many moments, met a lot of different friends, but, to be honest, I don't really know if I have anyone to call as my best friend nor they think of me as one. For some people. high school is unforgettable. For me, high school taught me life is not easy.

College - Irreplaceable. That's the word I will use to describe my friendship moments during college days. I wrote some posts about HIMSISFO, the student organization I joined for around three years, and the friendships I have with each of the members are just amazing. I also have classmates who I still meet so frequently up until today.

Now, to the 3 thoughts I mention in the title.

#1. Good friends will always stick with you through anything
This sounds cliche but this statement also becomes a mindset for some people. Books and movies display this kind of thought. A friend who runs through the rain for you, someone who will stay up till the morning to give you a birthday surprise, people who will sacrifice their weekend just because you ask them to.

I'm not saying that it's stupid or ridiculous. I think it's sweet but I don't think it's a necessary. Of course I want them to be with me when I need them but, hey, they have lives to live. Besides it's not only me who have problems. Maybe, when they need me, I'm not there for them too so, well, no hard feeling if they don't do what best friends do in movies.

For an example, like what you know, we're different from other people. I like reading books, my friend don't. They like drinking, I don't. I like Korean stuff, they don't. They like make-ups and beauty stuff, I don't. I'm cool with it. Why?

Because when I want to go to bookstores, they'll go with me. When I tell them about watching Korean concert, they'll listen to me. So when they talk about drinking, I open my ears for them. When they want to look for beauty shop, I'll walk in with them.

They don't need to stick with me just because I want them to.

But I know they'll be there when I need them the most.

#2. A good friend never talk about you behind your back
It's never good to talk bad about people behind them. Not to mention if it's your own friend. Oh, I went through that already and it felt awful. However, note the point, it's talking bad which is not right. Bashing, hating, looking down. Good friends don't talk about us as annoying and childish person when they tell the otherwise in front of us.

I, myself, think it's totally fine to talk about your own friends behind them. I do that sometimes. Like what I said in previous point, we're so different that sometimes I just don't get the reason. I complaint, we discuss, and we reach one point. I appreciate differences because I think that's definitely what make a friendship even stronger.

If they tell me what they don't like about me, it's fine. I'm not perfect. If you expect your friends to give you sweet words and compliment, you're not going to be a better person. Well, sometimes I also have bad thoughts like the possibility of them not thinking of me as a best friend, that they don't like me but choose to keep silence.

You know what?

My faith in them breaks the doubt to pieces.

#3. It's the best to have a lover who can be your best friend at the same time
Unlike the two points above, I agree with this thought. It's like one of the most wanted point in a boyfriend or girlfriend you want. Or at least some people think so but, perhaps, it depends on your favorite dating style as well.

What I'm going to add in the statement is "...and someone who can blend in with my best friends."

Okay, most of dating couples will prefer to have weekends with their loved ones and I don't think it's strange but, as strange as it sounds, I would love to spend weekends with him and my best friends too. Because the hours I spend with them just to do nothing, wandering around just to spend times together, having lunches and dinners together and have a good laugh... I don't think I'll let those moments slip away for romantic moments.

Nah, I'm not a romantic type. I don't have a boyfriend now so you can say I'm writing this because I don't know how it feels yet but, from my experience, I don't think this opinion of mine will ever change. Besides isn't it better to have ten people having fun than two person only?

Well, in the end of this post, I just want to say thanks to all of my friends who have been parts of my life. They made me who I am today. They filled my pages of life story and I keep them in heart. Sometimes I'm not the best friend you can have but, just so you know, you're my friends and this can't be argued over.

For all the good days.
For all the difficult moments.
For all the joy we shared.
For all trouble we faced.

Thanks God, for being so good to me with all the amazing people around me.

Thanks, my friends. :)

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
- Anais Nin

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

‡ HIMSISFO 9th Anniversary ‡

Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi.
Information System Student Community.
BINUS University.
Officially established on 13 May 2004.

I joined HIMSISFO on 2008, during my first year as a college student, choosing Human Resources Development as my commission.
Promoted to be a secretary on 2010 then officially became an alumnus on 2011.

HIMSISFO is definitely one of the irreplaceable parts of my life. Within 3 years, there were so many unforgettable memories and all happening while I was an active member of HIMSISFO.
I am not going to say that all of them are happy-go-lucky memories. Some of them are quite heart-wrenching, others are just emotional, but I am very grateful to remember all of them.

I learned about teamwork, togetherness, professionalism, time management, understanding, strategic planning, and, on top of all, I have a family.
A big family.
A family that will always be a part of me.

As time goes by, of course, the family grows bigger.
It would be difficult to remember older alumni and I slowly understand how it feels.
However, to know that our successors are doing their very best, I feel good for them.

Today, though it's a little bit late, like what HIMSISFO always celebrates every year, there's an anniversary party for the 9th birthday.
I attended the event with some other alumni and realized that there were so many people I don't know now.
To be honest, it feels a little bit lonely since I miss the moments of being a part of active members.

However, I couldn't help but to have a smile when I noticed that everyone celebrated the birthday happily, wishing for nothing but the best for HIMSISFO.
I reminded myself that what really matters the most is what I really feel.

I had my moments.
I had my exciting moments as a new member, an activist who knew barely nothing and got guidance from the older.
I had my challenging moments as the officer, trying to show what I was capable of while enjoying the moments.
I had my hard but I-would-never-trade-them-for-anything moments as the secretary, knowing that my responsibility was not about myself only.

It's their moment now.

And there is nothing I would wish for but to ask for them having the best moments.
Be it good, sad, heartbreaking, exciting.
One day, when they look back, they will treasure it.

Just like I treasure every step I walked on ever since 2008.

Until now.