Tuesday, August 12, 2014

‡ RIP Robin Williams ‡

This morning I woke up to find a shocking news about Robin Williams.

The most compatible article title that could describe my feeling is probably this.

"Robin Williams can't be dead.
How could Robin Williams, of all people, just stop breathing, moving and, most of all, talking?"

I might not be his biggest fan in the world; I do not watch every movie he starred in but he made my childhood days so much colorful and wonderful. I know that he has so many notable roles but, for me, his role in "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Jumanji" are the most notable ones for me.

And, of course, his voice as the Genie in "Aladdin".

Quoting from somewhere, it was said that Robin Williams was like that uncle you didn’t see often but, when you did, he’d always make you smile and you remembered nothing but good things.

I admit that I didn't follow his track for the past few years but, really, he is definitely, without no doubt, one of my most favorite actors ever. His smile enlightened up my day as if he smiled at me.

I couldn't say much but, with this post, I want to give my deepest condolences for the family that he left and the world for losing a great man. 

"This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken.

On behalf of Robin's family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin's death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions."
- Susan Schneider, wife of Robin Williams

"Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind.

He arrived in our lives as an alien – but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit.

He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets."
- President Barack Obama

Last but not least, these are not my words but they reflect what I'm feeling when I read about him battling depression which led to suicide -- according to an article here.
"Robin Williams chose to make other people happy when he wasn't even happy himself and I will always have endless respect for him because of that."

Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

Monday, August 11, 2014

‡ 「Dear You -Kind-」 ‡

Continuation of random (short) drabble inspired by Dear You, OST for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime.

Read the previous : -Cry- | -Feel-

Hope you will enjoy the new one of -Kind-



I believe, but in the corner of my mind
There is a shadow of uneasiness 

You promised me that you would wait.

I wanted to believe, but I couldn't. 

The warmth would always stay by me

I was a child who didn't suspect anything
I swallow my tears and bite my lip
So I can laugh that I've gotten stronger 

The messages stopped coming.

The calls never came.
The voice began to fade. 

Whenever I closed my eyes and remembered you, I felt like I wanted to cry.

But I smiled, knowing that you wanted me to be strong.

Please, tell me that the warmth of your hand isn't a lie

Call my name in a gentle voice, don't leave me alone anymore 

Was that a lie when you told me you loved me?

Were those just sweet words when you said you would wait for me?

Call my name.

Stay with me.
Where are you now? 

I've shouted out my wish and prayers

But my voice never reaches

I prayed and prayed.

I wished and wished.
I cried and cried.
But you didn't hear me.

You're too far now that someone else's voice reached you.

Now even though I cannot see you

You're always there for me
Your kindness melts into the sunshine
Happiness never ends, and it stays with me 

I don't know where you are now.

I can't see you anymore now.
I already miss your smile now.

 But my heart remembers everything.
Your smile. Your warmth. Your kindness.

Your everything. 


There are so many things I didn't notice and only realized when it was gone

I want to play on the bed and sleep in your arms

I never realized how much I treasured you.

I never noticed that I couldn't live without you.
I never thought that you would be gone.

I want to be with you again. 


When I meet with you again

Say 'I'm home', smile and pat my head
I'm still dreaming, in this little place
Waiting for the day you'll draw me close

In my dream, you're waiting for me. 

I couldn't believe, but I wanted to.


Friday, August 08, 2014

‡ 「Dear You -Feel-」 ‡

Continuation of random (short) drabble inspired by Dear You, OST for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime.

Read the previous : -Cry-

Hope you will enjoy the new one of -Feel-



I didn't tell you about the wound in my heart
And only kneeled down at the approaching pain

It was hurt.

But I would say nothing and just pray.

Two people held the same mind
You and I were one
Something that two people got by becoming one
That wasn't what we had wanted

None of us needed to tell what we were thinking.
Each of us knew what we would say to each other.

We became one just like two sides of a coin.
So close but never saw one another.

It wasn't what we wanted.

The thing that crawled on the dirtied back
Was the sin that had caused the unhealing wound
I can't reach the past days even when I chase it

I was supposed to walk away from you.
You were not belonged together with me.

No matter how far I ran to reach you, I just couldn't.

Please, under the light breeze and sun
Smile like that

As you stood under the sun, I would stand under the moonlight.
You smiled gently with those eyes reflecting love.

Love for someone else.

To protect this warm place
I'll try to change anything
Because we live to make tomorrow
We pursue happiness every day

The memories never faded away.
You had gone to somewhere else but I stayed.
I stayed to try, to change, to live for tomorrow.

For happiness.

Just the thirty-five degrees of heat from your hand
Can make me this strong
I won't shed any tears

If one day you held my hand again then I'd be strong.
Your warmth would be enough and I'd promise you.

I won't cry.

I didn't tell you about the wound in my heart
And only kneeled down at the approaching pain
But as the seasons wait for no one
Let's walk over the pain, onto tomorrow

It was still hurt now.

But I still would say nothing and just pray.


Thursday, August 07, 2014

‡ 「Dear You -Cry-」 ‡

For anyone expecting an article about love after reading the title, then the answer is no.
For anyone wondering why the word '-Cry-' is doing after the sweetest opening 'Dear You', I have prepared the details below.

There is this anime titled Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に / Higurashi When They Cry). I think I watched the series around 6-7 years ago and I really recommend this to everyone; although, for your information, it's not a cheerful, cute, funny anime. Actually it's quite complex and, well, sick.

I'll leave it with the word 'sick'. You'll figure it why if you watch it.

I'm not going to review the anime or spoil anything about it here but there's this one song title I really like. Actually it's not just one song; there are four of them (plus another original mix, so there are five!).

All share the same musical notes but different lyrics and feels.
If you don't know yet, I have tendency to write when I listen to music and this (or these?) song(s) make me want to write while letting myself to disappear in the music.

Shall we start with the -Cry- version first today?
I'll post the English translation here instead of the Romaji lyrics.
It's actually just a drabble; randomly written by a random greedy author.

Hope you will enjoy it.



The steady rising of the scent of summer
I want to feel it next to you

Thirteen years ago.

It was summer.

Those moments that may feel like nothing are
Treasures worth more than jewels
Let this moment be enveloped in soft sunlight
And be protected for always

The sun was setting down as the moon appeared on the sky.
Our footsteps were left on the sand as we walked side by side.
You let your tears rolled as I gave a smile.

In my heart, I was praying that the time would stop eternally.

Even though those days
May be imprisoned in darkness
I'm believing in you
Even though it may be unforgivable

Day by day. Night by night.
Flowers bloomed. Summer breeze gone. Leaves fell. Snowflakes melted.
You wanted to forget but couldn't.

Please stay shining
Stay and smile here for always

I'm sorry. I'll go.

You kept saying that. You always wrote that. You never stopped thinking that.
Just shine. Just stay. Just smile.

Please don't cry
Please listen to me
Please don't be afraid, I won't do anything
I'll cry with you, for you
Please, don't be scared

It's okay.

I had forgiven you. I'd cry with you. I'd be there for you.
Please listen to me. Please don't be afraid. Please be here.

The cry of the summer
Drowns out my voice
Even a small bit is alright, please don't cry
I'll forgive you, please don't cry

So far yet I still could hear you cry.
Too dark but I still wanted you to shine.
Broken and fragile.

You're forgiven.

The cicadas say it's too late
But I still reach out to you
Please believe in me
I want to say, "You don't have to cry anymore"

I was still reaching out to you.

It was summer again today.