Quoted from Muhammad Ali, it's said that friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school but, if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

So here's my (short) story about a guy who celebrates his birthday on 2 September every year. This year he turns 23 and, therefore, I dedicate this blog post especially for him.

We met for the first time during August 2008 -- yes, 5 years ago. Time did fly, right? We were in the same class for new college students, spending a week to get used with new environment, knowing a little better about Information Systems as our major. However we barely even talked to each other during the week.

Our class wanted to join an audition to perform on new students' inauguration day and fate led us to be in a group. There we became friends, going to karaoke, having fun with ice skating, and fate didn't leave just like that. We met again in the same class for our first semester.

Together with Brenda, three of us were well known as 'one package', came in three everywhere, combined in a study group, going every place (almost) together. To make it even more better, three of us joined HIMSISFO altogether though each of us selected different commissions. It didn't matter, really, since it excited us even more to share different experiences.

Honestly speaking, our friendship story is not a fully happy one. I argued a lot with him, thanks to both of us for being stubborn. This became even more obvious -- and worse -- during our fourth to sixth semester. We argued a lot and, by that, I  mean it. A lot. I even came to the point of talking about his worst trait with anger and all.

He also scolded me, for being so childish and inconsiderate, for not being a good friend by not telling him what his mistakes were. We're the same when it came to stubborn trait but, other than that, we're actually so different that it's like two different worlds apart.

Going on and on, now that both of us have worked at different places, in case you're wondering how our friendship is at the moment, in my point of view, it's perfectly great. Actually I just had a good talk with him and other friends yesterday since it's been a while since the last time we talked so much about random topics.

I changed a lot since 2008. He changed a lot as well. We changed a lot and, for me, it's a good change.

I'm thankful for having him as my best friend, for living the great moments in my life, through the joy and sadness, through the good and bad, through the laughter and arguments. I know both of us are not perfect but, the fact that we're living our best with the imperfection, it always reminds me that no one needs to be perfect.

So, thank you, for being a best friend who would listen to me when I need the ears to listen, who would tell me news of your life when I ask. Although both of us have different friends cycle to live with most of the days, I'm glad that both of us still can talk so comfortably whenever we meet each other.

We don't need to keep in touch every week or every month but, knowing that we remember each other as a friend, it's more than enough for me. Your happiness, health, and goodness are the blessings I wish to be with you for the rest of your life -- and I pray for them to be your best companion this year as well.

For teasing me like a kid, making me laugh, scolding my mistakes, believing in me, listening to me, talking to me, being my best friend, and everything I can't express with words... A zillion thanks.

Happy birthday, Shandy. :)


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