Wednesday, April 19, 2017

‡ Jan to Apr 2017 ‡

Hello 2017!

Yes, I know, it's already April so greeting the 2017 is a little bit late -- okay, it's very late.
However this is my first post on the blog this year!

Nope, no more new year's resolution to be written here.
I know, I finally break my own tradition but, well, changes can happen anytime and anywhere! (I know, lame excuse)

How is your 2017 as the year has knocked the fourth month?

Mine has been quite a colorful journey up to this day.
New Year, Singapore, Chinese New Year, Valentine, Easter.
It will be so rude of me if I just sum my January to April in a sentence so I'm just going to ramble everything as much as I can here.


Semarang on 4 January 2017.
Taking a flight early enough to open the new year, right?
I was asked to help for a project in Purwodadi for a couple of days so, no, I didn't stay there long enough for more fun -- but I think the others spend their time very well there together! Glad that you all enjoy the moment!

My second flight in 2017 is for holiday purpose!
Yes, I visited Singapore for the fourth time and, yes, I will be happy to visit the country next time if I have the chance.

This time my companions are no other than Jeanette and Valentcia who agreed to purchase the flight+hotel within 5 minutes.
From 15 to 18 January 2017, three of us spent our days as much as we can according to our picked destinations!
Maybe I should put the details on another post for my visit to Singapore. Yes, I definitely should do that.

I also visited Cikarang last month for another project.
This time it's interesting as I was given the chance to meet a team from German! Speaking of practicing my English professionally, right?
It's only a week but I think (maybe) I will meet them again in August.

Up to today, I have watched 28 movies at cinemas. I wonder if I will pass the records I made for myself last year (46 movies).

Movie of the year? Definitely Beauty and The Beast.
It's such a timeless movie and, despite some minor stuffs, I think the live action version of this Disney fairy tale is perfect!

However the movie with best score goes to Hidden Figures.
La La Land and Lion are also worth to mention because they are great but I just love Hidden Figures to the bits!

If you love anime and K-Pop, you definitely should give this group a try!
Their songs, "Chase Me" and "Good Night" can pass as opening soundtrack for anime!
(I'm so happy to discover their songs because I miss watching anime like how I used to do years ago)

And Ed Sheeran's new album? Gold.
I love (almost) all of the tracks in 'Divide' because they're beautiful!
I always have things for beautifully written lyrics, seriously.

The first wedding party I attended this year is Surya and Norita's wedding!
More will come after August, I guess. Like people said, most weddings are held during the months of -Ber (September to December).

Oh, and today is also another event to note.
Jakarta is full of curiosities and interests lately due to the governor election. Politically, it's interesting as people pay more attention to how important their votes can change a city. However I always wonder why (some) people choose to spread 'hate' than 'peace'.

I personally go for #GueDua but, today, on the second round of election, it seems like my wish doesn't align with the expectations. However, as they say, whoever win the election doesn't matter, as long as the citizens vote for them.

For better Jakarta.

My 2017 is not all bright and happy. I had some days full of... How should I put it?
Unstable emotion? Trust issue? Internal struggle?
Maybe a little bit of each. I personally (and secretly) wish January will stay as the most complicated month of 2017 for me; yes, please, no more complicated month to mark my calendar.

However, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
Fortunately, things work out and I learned a lot of things (hardly), although it's confirmed that I still have a lot to learn and do.

I also (kind of) celebrated my 3-years work anniversary at STEM!
To sum up, I've worked as a professional consultant for five years! Five years, people!

Now where am I in the line of writers though?
That's a rhetorical question.
I should be the one who answers that, I know.

Putting that aside, I had a haircut two weeks ago!
Trying to have 'hime-cut' but I don't think it's a success (Google it; I'm not going to post my picture here because I don't look good in the new haircut, lol).
Now I have a problem to take a picture for VISA purpose... which I'll tell you the purpose later. Later as in later... 2-3 months?


Well, I guess that's it for now.
I should give a post dedicated for Singapore later.
And I should have an interesting post in June. ;)

Thanks for reading.
Have a blessed life ahead, people!

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