Saturday, October 28, 2017

‡ Thread of Love ‡

Love has been compared to everything.
Jewel, glass, firework, paper, light switch.

However I'm not going to talk about those analogies in this post.
I will think of a relationship as a thread.
This is one of the most favorite analogies to be used, of course.

When two persons are in a relationship, each of them is holding on the different side to keep the thread on balance.

When you pull the thread more to your side, it will cause a change in the balance that you have kept together.
But, no, it's not a problem if both of you agree to move along.

Remember, they keyword is both.

Therefore the thread will never stays the same.
It will move, it will change, and it will be tangled from time to time.

When two sides argue, the thread will be messed up by words, tears, and emotion.
Words will tangle the thread, making it not comfortable to hold on.
Tears will make the thread heavier to carry on. 
Emotion will cause the thread to be painful to keep.

You can cut the thread so both sides are relieved by the thread;
a thread so different from the first time when you promise to keep in your hand carefully.
It's messy, heavy, and painful.
Some even said that sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.

Or you can spend your times to untangle the thread,
to learn how to carry the heavier thread,
to understand why it's so painful,
and to find a way for both sides to keep the thread balance again.

If one side holds the thread too low because the person is already tired of holding it,
can the thread be kept for two?

If one side wants to untangle the thread slowly but the other side is impatient to wait,
should they keep holding on it?

If one side decides to cut the thread while the other one still clings onto it,
who actually lost a treasure?

Of course, people can say that there is a better, more beautiful thread waiting for you to hold on.
However when you feel that a love is worth to fight for, there is no such thing as a better thread.

There is only a precious thread to hold, to keep, to love by two sides.

Again, the keyword is two.

So if one side decides to let go of the thread and lock it in their shelf,
the thread is nowhere to be found. 

This applies not only for a romantic relationship;
I think a thread of love between two best friends who care a lot about each other also exists.

Do you think the same?


For every happiness, I thank you.
For every mistake, I apologize.
For everything, I forgive you.

I wish you a happy journey of life.
Things will never be the same anymore but, for whatever reason, let's be happy.


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