Saturday, December 31, 2011

‡ Lessons of 2011 ‡

It's 31 December 2011,
meaning it's the last day of 2011.
2012 is just so close to us now.

2011 is a really, really memorable year for me.
I know, I said it every year, but I do mean it this time.

Let's start with my review for every month in 2011.
I am indeed wondering which one is my most memorable month actually. ;)

the first month of 2011 where I had my IS Minor Project result.
It is a really memorable month. I can still remember how nervous I was that day.

a month where I started my sixth semester at Binus.
Things were going really different. When I said 'really', I mean it.
At the end of February, I went out of city for IS Gathering.
Simply memorable event, if I may say. :)

I tried to be a Promotion Assistant for 2 days at BINUS Job Expo and I learned that every work deserves its own price.
Work hard, own more. As simple as that.

AIESEC, the largest student organization in the world, attended BINUS University for the event of Asean Youth Congress on 25 - 27 April 2011.
This is really memorable since I was quite inspired by the event in one and another way.
This also included about realizing that English is really important for me.

One of three most memorable months for me.
I celebrated my 20th birthday party this year; talking about irony, this is the first time I received a surprise birthday cake and I'm completely grateful whenever I remember it. (24 May 2011)
HIMSISFO COMPETITION 2011 also went on this month and we succeed to hold the event at Pluit Junction Mall; this is my last time to participate as a committee and, yes, I cried that night. (8 May - 22 May 2011). It's also the last time I celebrate HIMSISFO Birthday as a committee. (15 May 2011)
This month I also went to Taman Bunga Nusantara with my classmates and there are one thing and another which make me want to always remember that rainy day. (2 May 2011)

I can't really remember but I think this month is where my life started to take the turning point.
Slightly but sure. I started to understand that everything didn't seem like how it was.

There is a slight difference during this July.
I usually had to work on HIMSISFO tasks only but this time I also welcomed the new students, called by Binusian.
There are many new experiences I faced and, of course, I never regretted the decision I made by joining for Freshmen Enrichment Program for sure.

It's been a month after I joined a site where I can do my passion, writing stories.
I never thought it would be really affecting my life but on August, I realized that passion is a really influencing point in life.
This month I wrote stories more and more just to find that there are people who love to read my writings.
How does it feel? Amazing.

This is the other most memorable month for me.
HIMSISFO Election was being held on 25 September 2011 and the new Chief of HIMSISFO was elected that day.
A new page started on the day.
Why is it really memorable?
I can't even explain it with words.

This is the moment when I realized that when I'm out of a circle, things are different.
I learned to see things in different perspective; I learned that I could be better if only I tried.

Writing became more an more addicting to me.
The good news is my English improves and the bad news is I start to forget about my main tasks. Even up till this moment.

the last month of 2011 and also the most memorable month for me.
Within days I grew to understand that I am the one who decides what I want to be.
There are bad things left behind, good things abandoned in the past,
but everything depends on me, whether I want to take it as a life lesson or not.

If I must put 5 words of 2011, I can write it pretty much simple down here.

My second family. Forever and always.
Though I'm not a committee anymore, I will always support the best and give my best as much as I can for HIMSISFO.

BEAST, an idol group which has changed my life for sure.
I know it's sound kind of ridiculous. How can people who are out of your reach even changed your life?
Because I learned from them. I put that simple.

3. Stories
I read stories. I write stories. I exchange ideas.
I learned a lot from stories and I had new friends for that.
I just need to adjust my time management.
By sharing my writing I learned to appreciate people more and have confidence over myself.

4. Friendship
Friends become a really important and irreplaceable value in my life.
Within 2011 I shared many things with friends and I've been reminded that friends don't mean acting all good in front of each other;
you may be different, you may have a fight, but in the end you always support each other for the best.

5. Love
Who said that one can't survive with a relationship?
A lot of people can break down that sentence I guess, including me.
I will be lying if I said I never fell for one this year but I can never be more grateful than how I am right now after everything happened.

Lessons learned from 2011?
Everything has been described pretty well up there but if I must write it down in one sentence, I will write it this way.

"Not everything is how it seems."

There must be a time where you think this person must be really happy but who knows that he doesn't happy with his life, despite the fact that he is smiling everyday?

There must be a chance where you look down at someone and think your life is better than him but perhaps one day you will want to take that back when you see that he is always grateful by each day he lives on.

Happiness is something measured with our own perspectives.

One note that I must take and always bring even in future, 'Grateful'.

I will never forget to be grateful and stop to regret about the past.
The past can't be changed but we still have a chance to do something for our future.

How's about your 2011?

Happy New Year's Eve everyone ! :)

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