Tuesday, December 25, 2012

‡ Merry Christmas 2012 ‡

25 December.

It's a day to celebrate. It's Christmas Day.

People send greetings through messages. Some meet up with friends and families to share moments together. Others enjoy their long holiday according to the plan.

However for Allan it's just another ordinary day.

It's his first Christmas out of the orphanage. He is already seventeen years old last July so he finally left the orphanage and continues to live on by himself.

Working as a waiter in a restaurant, he is envious with the customers: all those young couples who spend their parents' money happily, the complete families who can take pictures together, the youngsters who can enjoy Christmas time with joy.

He wants to be one.

Allan wants to have someone special with him on Christmas day. Everyday.

He is not a cheerful boy to start with. Even during orphanage days, he doesn't have close friends. He closed himself from the others, building wall, too afraid to feel alone if he grew too attached with them.

Loneliness has been his best friend but, the fact is, he hates to be alone.

Since he has the night shift for today, Allan decides to take a walk around, doing nothing. His footsteps are printed on the white snow as he tucks his hands inside the pockets.

"Sir," a soft voice calls out for him. Allan stops his step to see a little girl is tucking his long coat.

He frowns and looks around to find the parents but no one looks to care about her. Allan squats down to level their eyes and asks, "Are you lost?"

The girl shakes her head and then smiles brightly, "Merry Christmas, Sir!"

Allan blinks in confusion. He doesn't even know her and she stops him just to give him a Christmas greeting. It doesn't make sense at all.

"Where is your mother?" he chooses to ask, trying to shrug off the question in mind.

The smile disappears from her face as she drops her gaze reluctantly, "Mom... She is in heaven, they said..."

It feels like someone just stabs Allan's chest with an imaginary knife. The girl continues by saying that her father has left the house last Christmas and today her mother also left her. Forever.

"They said Mom is sick. Really sick. God took her so she would not be in pain anymore," the little girl tried to draw circle on snow with her shoe. "I will have a new house. It's called White Noel."

Allan gasps in surprise. White Noel is the name of his old orphanage.

"Mom once said that Christmas is Jesus' birthday," she puts a grin back on her face. "So we must celebrate it with a smile! So merry Christmas, Sir!"

This little girl who stands in front of him lost her parents on Christmas but, instead of crying over her lost and feel unfair with the world, she greeted a stranger to wish him a merry Christmas.

Sure she is still a kid. She has no idea yet that the world is not as simple as she thinks but somehow she reminds Allan of something.

That Christmas is the day he must cherishes with pure heart.

That Christmas doesn't mean he is alone and turned to be the most unlucky person in the world. There might be people who have more difficulties compare to him.

That one little kindness can make you feel that the world is a better place.

"Hey, what's your name?" Allan pats the little girl gently, smiling for the very first time today. "I know your new house. It's also my house. Want to go there together?"

Now Allan has a plan for Christmas already.

To share the joy and happiness in White Noel.

To be a part of the world who celebrates Christmas with warm in heart and love towards others.


It's a really simple, original story that I just wrote for today's celebration.
It might be too cliche or else but there is one thing that I want to share within the story.

You might not be the happiest today.
You might be unlucky.
But always remember to be grateful.

Because you're still alive and that's all what matters.
Do a little kindness, share the happiness, and enjoy your life.

Merry Christmas.

May you have a blessed Christmas day.


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