Monday, December 31, 2012

‡ Review: 2012 ‡

31 December 2012.
The last day of 2012.
2013 is only hours away from now.

To be honest, which is pretty obvious, I don't update many blog posts here this year, unlike previous years.
In fact I almost updated nothing here.
However posting up the review of one year is still a tradition for me and I'm not thinking of an excuse to avoid it anyway, no matter how busy or lazy I am.

Somehow whenever I read it every year, I can't help but to smile as I remember those days.
I cherish them one by one and I am grateful of my life till this very day.

The opening of 2012 where I must collected my final project a.k.a. thesis on 28 but I ended up collecting it late due to one and another reason.
This month I also learned that even listening gave you a good lesson for life.

My last final exams had finished within this month but I was waiting for the day of my final project presentation, which would decide whether I was allowed to graduate this year or not.
It's also the month when I had my first interview for work.

This is one of the most remarkable months for me this year.
7 March 2012. I still remember the day when the lecturer gave the statement: I was able to graduate this year with good score!
To be honest, I didn't feel satisfied but now that I look back at those moments, I'm grateful to have them.
15 March 2012, I went to the very first concert: BEAUTIFUL SHOW in JAKARTA. Thankful for attending the concert for BEAST!
26 March 2012, I started to work at my current office officially.

Had a presentation during probation at office and I realized that you would earn equally as what you had worked for, that being curious is not enough if you don't try to be better with time.

I turned 22 this month and I bought a new phone with my own salary. It's Sony Xperia S and I was really, really happy.

A month of sorrow for me. I lost my bag unfortunately for the second time and it's even worse than the last time. I lost both of my mobile phones and everything inside.
However I was all safe and that's what matter at the moment.

I officially graduated on 21 July 2012! Officially a bachelor of Information Systems and I'm proud that I could make both of my parents proud as well.

There is no special moment happened during this month but it's actually the moment where I learned that your decision is sometimes questionable for others, but it might be the best for you.

I fell in love with a Korean drama. I'm not the type who loves to watch Korean drama but this one eventually caught my heart from the start till the end.
Reply 1997. It made me laugh and cry at some points so... yeah, I love it.

Blackberry was one thing I would never prefer to have but, receiving mixed opinions, I finally had one. Yeah, laugh on me, I got it for two months already.
It actually helped me a lot for work and communication so, well, I live with it and an Android now.

Second visit to Singapore with different companions. Different experience, more adventures indeed.
The project at my office with me as one of the members also started and I met with new colleagues.

Last month of 2012 and it's also one of the most memorable months this year.
Let's say that I made a big decision for myself.
The repetitive date 12.12.12 and 20.12.2012 also happened in this month.

Anyway this year I watched three Indonesian movies, something I almost never did before. I really wish that Indonesian movies will keep producing amazing movies and I will loveee to watch them on wide screen! :)

How about your 2012?

I enjoyed mine to the fullest.
It might not be my best year but, hey, it could have been worse. ;)

Besides, a year ago, I would have never pictured my life the way it is now.

So, well, enjoy your New Year's Eve!


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