Sunday, June 02, 2013

‡ HIMSISFO 9th Anniversary ‡

Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi.
Information System Student Community.
BINUS University.
Officially established on 13 May 2004.

I joined HIMSISFO on 2008, during my first year as a college student, choosing Human Resources Development as my commission.
Promoted to be a secretary on 2010 then officially became an alumnus on 2011.

HIMSISFO is definitely one of the irreplaceable parts of my life. Within 3 years, there were so many unforgettable memories and all happening while I was an active member of HIMSISFO.
I am not going to say that all of them are happy-go-lucky memories. Some of them are quite heart-wrenching, others are just emotional, but I am very grateful to remember all of them.

I learned about teamwork, togetherness, professionalism, time management, understanding, strategic planning, and, on top of all, I have a family.
A big family.
A family that will always be a part of me.

As time goes by, of course, the family grows bigger.
It would be difficult to remember older alumni and I slowly understand how it feels.
However, to know that our successors are doing their very best, I feel good for them.

Today, though it's a little bit late, like what HIMSISFO always celebrates every year, there's an anniversary party for the 9th birthday.
I attended the event with some other alumni and realized that there were so many people I don't know now.
To be honest, it feels a little bit lonely since I miss the moments of being a part of active members.

However, I couldn't help but to have a smile when I noticed that everyone celebrated the birthday happily, wishing for nothing but the best for HIMSISFO.
I reminded myself that what really matters the most is what I really feel.

I had my moments.
I had my exciting moments as a new member, an activist who knew barely nothing and got guidance from the older.
I had my challenging moments as the officer, trying to show what I was capable of while enjoying the moments.
I had my hard but I-would-never-trade-them-for-anything moments as the secretary, knowing that my responsibility was not about myself only.

It's their moment now.

And there is nothing I would wish for but to ask for them having the best moments.
Be it good, sad, heartbreaking, exciting.
One day, when they look back, they will treasure it.

Just like I treasure every step I walked on ever since 2008.

Until now.

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