Sunday, May 26, 2013

‡ Trivia about Me (Pt. VII) ‡

So, like the title mentioned, I actually have shared part I till VI.
Links are here (though probably none is interested to know about my random stuff. Speaking about narcissistic here):

1st Trivia: pretty good in losing directions
2nd Trivia: verbal are better than visual
3rd Trivia: no one ever called me "LIA" (which is somewhat incorrect for now)
4th Trivia: forgetful
5th Trivia: awkward reaction (in indonesian it's simply 'salah tingkah')
6th Trivia: patience VS mad
7th Trivia: I did have imaginary friend
8th Trivia: I can learn, but I can't teach
9th Trivia: I don't like accessories (which is incorrect now since I love some stuffs)
10th Trivia: say no to these foods -- vegetables, coffee, rum, cheese, candies
11th Trivia: I love black
12th Trivia:  A listener who loves to talk

Coming up next are just so-not-important facts about me.
Ah, why do I write these kind of stuffs again?
Perhaps for no reason. LOL

13th Trivia
Passion is Writing

Writing as in fiction telling, not an article about what is happening out there or else. I love to write stories, letting my imagination to flow as far as possible, creating a world for my own.

I do love to read so many books (which, unusually, not romance books since I somehow shiver to read it unless it's comedy-romantic stories) but writing stories have this exciting unsure itself.

This has happened since I was around six or seven years old. I used to write on books (which some I still keep). Every time I read them, I chuckle at my own random choices of words and remember how much I love writing ever since I was still a little girl.

Now? My  passion keeps expanding.

14th Trivia
Wish to be a Polyglotism

What is Polyglotism?

It's the term of the ability to speak many languages; a person who can master numerous languages. To put it simple: multilingual.

I love to learn about new languages but I never really put myself to master them.

The first foreign language I ever learned is English. I had courses somewhere until I was eight or nine years old. Afterwards I just learned by myself: reading dictionary, listening music, watching movies. Autodidact it is.

Mandarin is the second language I need to learn since I used to watch Taiwanese drama on TV. My parents also somewhat good in Mandarin so I was encouraged to learn the language.
Since I love to write, I usually look for some words and find out they are derived from Latin words. Well, they are added to my vocabulary.

I also have a Japanese dictionary on my bookshelf, attending an extracurricular class during high school for one year. Autodidact lesson by watching anime and listening J-Pop.

Korean is next since I am a K-Pop fan now. However I'm not so into K-Drama so I mostly learn some vocabularies from the music and random browsing.

French and German are also interesting for me though I never try to explore more seriously about the languages.

Oh, talking about me being greedy.

Well, that's all for now.
Gotta hit some books.
Thanks for reading. ;)

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