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‡ 2015: New Year's Resolutions ‡

Okay, I know it's two days late already since 1 January but, still, let me greet you with:

Happy New Year 2015!

A new page. A new chapter. A new book. A new year.
Let's write a 'bestseller' this year! ;)

How are your three first pages of 2015?
Hopefully all of us have great and fantastic moments.

Now, what am I going to write as the first post in 2015 here?
As usual, like what I always do each year (except in 2012), I'm going to write down my new year's resolutions!

However, before we go there, let me do a quick recap of my previous year's resolutions (details can be read here). Let's see how many resolutions I have fulfilled in 2014.

If you hate your job, quit your job.
Status: Fulfilled
For your information, it's not that I hate my (previous) job but isn't everyone looking for a job that suits ourselves? No?
Anyhow, yes, I nailed down this resolution officially on 7 April 2014.

Rid yourself of enemies.
Status: Unknown

I really tried my best to avoid having new enemies in 2014 but, like what I stated above, I don't know whether it's fulfilled or not. Because, unfortunately, I still don't have the mind-reading power so I don't know whether I have created new enemies or not in their minds.

Keep a journal.
Status: Fulfilled

I didn't update this blog frequently but, thankfully, I used other social networking apps: Path, Instagram (I joined #100happydays project!), Twitter. I could consider those as journals... right?

Strengthen relationships with family members.
Status: Failed

I still haven't managed to fulfill this. I did work on it but I guess the best things couldn't be worked on easily. It will take more times than what I have expected. What I have now is good but I have set further goal for this one.

Help strangers.
Status: Unknown

I remember helping some strangers one time and another but I don't know if I should consider them as a fulfillment. Though I really hope I have fulfilled this.

Conquer a fear.
Status: Half-fulfilled

I'm working on it. Even until now. My fear is something that I, myself, still try to figure out how to conquer it. I have tried to open up my true self to people around me but, knowing that there are people who think of the opposite from me, I still find this difficult.

Stop being so shallow.
Status: Half-fulfilled

Comparing to 2013, I believe I have adjusted myself away from being shallow in 2014. Although I must admit I still lost control over it. This, people, is an important resolution to have.

 Now let me start with my 2015 resolutions.

1. Have more savings
 This, I believe, is a resolution that many people make. When do we acknowledge it as fulfilled then? We must have savings. Everyone should despite how old we are. As for me, I do have future to think of and, I admit it bitterly, I don't have much for now.

As in 2015, let me set how I will consider it as a fulfillment: when I save enough for my 2016's resolutions. ;)

2. Read more books
I didn't read many books in 2014 and, hopefully, in the review of 2015 later I will have Book of the Month instead. At least I should read one book per month.

3. Write a book
This. Is. Probably. As. Difficult. As. The. First. One.

Or not.

Why? Simply because it has always been my target since I was 17. Yes, ever since that age I had finished some writings but I would not consider it as a book. I almost, almost came close to a book in 2014 but I stopped at the proofreading.

I will love to finish a book for real this year.

4. Complete last year's resolutions
As you can see, I have three resolutions that I haven't fulfilled in 2014 so let me carry them to 2015.

Those are my new year's resolutions!
How about yours?

Hopefully, on next year, it will be all-kill in the fulfillment!

Once again, happy new year, people!
Have a blessed year ahead! 

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