Thursday, January 07, 2016

‡ 2016 : 3 Ultimate Resolutions ‡

It's almost a week late but of course I need to greet you all:

Happy New Year 2016!
Have a blessed and fantastic year of 366 days (or 359, to be exact) ahead!

This year is the first time I celebrated my shift from one year to another at somewhere else;
I was in Surabaya due to work (I had to stay there for quite a while; details can be read here) and finally returned to Jakarta on 5 January (yes, 3 days ago).

As usual, my first post will be my new year's resolutions!
Sounds cliche and unnecessary now, doesn't it?
Especially when I haven't really fulfilled any of them... It does sound unnecessary to post the same things over and over again every year.

Anyway! Let's start with the recap of my last year's resolutions (details can be read here).

1. Have more savings
I don't know if this one is a 'fulfilled' or 'failed' one. I don't have more savings now, but I did manage to buy stuffs that I need (or want?).
2. Read more books
This is definitely a 'failed'. I was supposed to read at least one book per month but, oh well, not even close to a book per two months.
3. Write a book
I had been scolded multiple times last year due to this resolution that I couldn't fulfill. Yes. I failed this one as well last year. I'm not going to defend myself about this because I am the one who keeps procrastinating it.

4. Complete last year's resolutions
This brings up my 2014's resolutions of strengthen relationships with family members (I consider this as 'fulfilled' because of one and another reason), conquer a fear (I will be always working on it), and stop being so shallow (this is one thing that people always need to do every day... and so do I).

So, without wasting another paragraph, let's see what my 3 ultimate resolutions this year are.

1. Read more books
I got a Kindle Paperwhite now! Yes, that Kindle from Amazon. So, basically, I have no reason for not reading anything before sleep, for complaining about the price of paperback imported books, for not bringing something to read whenever I go because the books are heavy.

I have a lot of titles already in my Kindle (Mitch Albom's newest book is already on the list!) and it will be a wonderful year of books!

2. Write a book
People, I need to actually make this one a real deal this year. That's all I gotta say.

3. Decide my 'destination'
Not literally a 'destination' as in a place. More like where I am actually heading towards in life. I'm going to touch 25 in months and I still feel like my purpose in life is still a big question mark.

Well, it's a pretty short post, isn't it?
What matters is not how long I write down the resolutions but how I actually make them come true, right?

That's all for today!
See you around later and have a blessed year of 2016!

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