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‡ Journey of 2015 ‡

31 December 2015.

It's been a long journey I recorded this year and, as usual, I'll write down the recap below.

As for this year, I'll make the memorable moments as points instead of narrative style I usually did.
I think it will give away more details (thanks to Path and Instagram).
I also will leave several quotes I read somewhere along this year (if I have any).

For  previous references: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014


Trip 1 of 12: January

Day 1. My New Year's Day is kind of ordinary. I had dinner with Mom at Menya Sakura - Emporium Pluit Mall.
Day 2. Meetup with Gemini Trio (Dewi and Monica) at Paulaner Brauhaus - Grand Indonesia. My first time here.

Day 10. Denny and Vinny's Wedding. He is a senior at HIMSISFO that I have known for a while and I managed to meet a lot of my friends here. Congrats, Ko Den!
Day 12. First movie of 2015: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Bought 4 tickets but ended up with Jeanette only due to the rain.
Day 14. First trip to Cirebon by (3 hours) train. I went there for work (a new project!) with my Project Manager and two colleagues. I stayed at Hotel Trijaya until Day 20. [7 days].
Day 20. eMpTy's 3rd Anniversary! 
Day 21. I saved a picture of Martabak that my Grandpa bought for us on this day. Perhaps it's the last time he ever bought us food.
Day 23. I found out that one of my readers chose a tattoo of Peter Pan because he was inspired by a story that I wrote back in September 2013. "Growing up is not an option but a chance for us to be a better person."
Day 24. eMpTy Banana Meeting of 2015!

Day 31. I stayed at office until late for the sake of Go Live -- details on Trip 2.

Watched 2 movies this month.
Out of town for 7 days.

"If we do an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, we will be a blind and toothless nation."
- Martin Luther King Jr.


Trip 2 of 12: February

Day 1. Sunday where I went to client's office to prepare for Go Live. It's my first project that taught me a lot of things. Seriously. The next few nights were spent there as well.
Day 8. Reading Twivortiare 2 by Ika Natassa.
Day 9. I walked back home for 3 hours due to the flood. Trapped at home until Day 11.
Day 12. Heading to Cirebon by train for application demo. Stayed at Hotel Amaris until Day 14. [3 days].
Day 14. Went to Grand Indonesia hours after I arrived at home to give a little belated birthday surprise for Fenny! Managed to spend 2 hours of karaoke at night. I also received a box of Ferrero Rocher from Shandy on this year's Valentine's Day. Thanks, best friend!

Day 15. Watched Over the L'Arc~en~Ciel at Blitzmegaplex.
Day 18. My first Ash Wednesday as a Catholic.
Day 19. Chinese New Year of the Goat.

Day 21. Karaoke with Jeanette even though I was sick. Went straight to Plaza Indonesia to meet with Okky and enjoy Hokkaido Ramen Santouka.
Day 22. Leaving to Cirebon (again) by train. This time for training. Stayed at Hotel Amaris for [13 days].
Day 28. Watched Kingsman: The Secret Service at CSB XXI. One of the most entertaining movies of the year.

Watched 3 movies this month.
Out of town for 10 days.

"Look at yourself as a color. You may not be everybody's favorite color but, believe me, one day you will meet someone who needs you to complete his picture."
- Posted on Path, 16 February 2015


Trip 3 of 12: March

Day 7. Meetup at Central Park Mall. Gave a simple belated birthday surprise for Valentcia at Hachi Hachi Bistro. Watched The Con Artists later at night.
Day 9. Departed to Cirebon again. [12 days].
Day 10. Welcomed Jeanette at Cirebon as she was selected to be my partner in this project.
Day 15. Watched Cinderella at CSB XXI.
Day 20. Back to Jakarta. Stayed at office a little bit late with Jeanette (and had Indomie double!) because of rain.

Day 21. Mystagogy. The last activity as group of ten before Closing Mass.

Day 22. Cirebon. [12 days].
Day 25. Hangout on Air with James Dashner and Arwen Elys Dayton. Arwen answered my question of "What do you think is the most difficult challenge to face as a writer?" with "Blank page is the hardest".
Day 31. D-1 before Go Live for the new project. I remember having McDonalds for supper.

Watched 4 movies this month.
Out of town for 28 days.

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
- Posted on Path, 14 March 2015


Trip 4 of 12: April

Day 2. Back to Jakarta. Didn't manage to attend the Maundy Thursday Mass.
Day 3. Good Friday. Watched Furious 7 at Blitzmegaplex Central Park. A beautiful tribute for Paul Walker.
Day 4. Japan Night at Kota Kasablanka with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Alexandros, and VAMPS!

Day 5. Cirebon. Oh, this is also the day I tasted chocolate again after 40 days; Jeanette gave Pocky to me on train! [13 days].
Day 17. Back to Jakarta.
Day 18. Received a random gift from Books and Beyond: Falling into Place by Amy Zhang.
Day 19. Went to Kelapa Gading for bridesmaid's dress selection. Yes, bridesmaid. Yes, dress.

Day 20. Cirebon. Also the day I snapped out of anger due to something silly. [11 days].
Day 25. Heard about the sad news of Massive Earthquake in Nepal. My deepest condolences.
Day 30. Back to Jakarta for good. The support on site had ended. Had a meetup with my one-of-a-kind 'family' at Koultoura Coffee.

Watched 1 movie this month.
Out of town for 26 days.

"I don't think life can ever be perfect but I reckon it could be better.
Everyone faces their own challenges in life.
And to each person it's probably as equally as difficult as it is to everyone else, just in a different way."
- Jon, 20 April 2015


Trip 5 of 12: May

Day 1. Bogor trip with Monica and Shandy! Dewi picked us up later at destination. Kedai Kita, Klappertaart Huize, Macaroni Panggang, Death by Chocolate, Mie Sahabat Yun Sin. Once arrived at Jakarta, meetup with (part of) MPH for Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung Chef's Table - Taman Anggrek Mall.

Day 2. Meetup with best friends since junior high school (minus Denny) at 19th Avenue. Received a good news from Hilda!

Day 5. 4DX3D The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron with my younger brothers at Blitzmegaplex Central Park.
Day 9. First time attending an English Holy Mass at New Wave Hall, Taman Anggrek.
Day 10. Flight to Surabaya for a new project. [10 days]. Got Jeanette as my partner again. Apparently I would visit this place often later on. Stayed at Waterplace Apartment. My first time visiting Surabaya.
Day 14. Visited Apeng Kwetiau Medan! I love the food here. Met an old friend, Mario, for Ascension Day of Jesus Christ Mass at Gereja Katolik Hati Kudus Yesus (Surabaya Cathedral).

Day 16. First time watching a live circus. Presented by Oriental Circus Indonesia at Lenmarc.
Day 17. Visited Ciputra World and watched Mad Max: Fury Road.
Day 19. Returned to Jakarta.
Day 23. Trip to Ragunan Zoo by myself! Then to Pejaten Village, Jakarta Cathedral, and finally Ragusa Es Italia Restaurant and Ice Cream. 12 hours and I enjoyed my solitude alone perfectly on the last day of my 23.
Day 24. My 24th. Meetup with Gemini Trio at Pipiltin Cocoa in the morning and got a birthday surprise by MPH at Hong Kong Cafe at noon. Had a dinner together at Washoku Sato.

Day 25. Got a chocolate birthday cake from team at office!
Day 26. One day visit to Cirebon with my project manager.
Day 29. Meetup with B-Ship for dinner at Jun Njan - Emporium Pluit Mall.
Day 30. First time I got the chance to be the PIC for B&G at a wedding planner. It's seriously not as easy as I thought.
Day 31. HIMSISFO's 11th Anniversary at Loop Station Mahakam.

Watched 3 movies this month.
Out of town for 10 days.

"The worst person to be around is someone who complains about everything and appreciates nothing."
- Posted on Path, 5 May 2015


Trip 6 of 12: June

Day 1. Met an old friend, Yohannes, for a movie Tomorrowland at Lippo Mall Puri.
Day 4. Mom's 50th birthday. She said it's the first time she ever blew birthday candles (if she's not mistaken). We surprised her at night with martabak.

Day 5. Visit to BINUS University for HIMSISFO Competition 2015 "REALITY".

Day 7. Flight to Surabaya for training with Jeanette. The longest stay I had out of Jakarta this year. [28 days].
Day 12. Played Escape Hunt with Jeanette and we managed to finish it!

Day 13. Midnight movie: Insidious 3 at Ciputra World Surabaya!
Day 20. Did stupid simulation about how you would react if you got caught by your friend for two-timing.

Watched 2 movies this month.
Out of town for 24 days.

"If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die."
- Mik Everett


Trip 7 of 12: July

Day 1. Read an announcement and apparently a plot of my collaboration story with a friend came true!
Day 4. Returned to Jakarta.
Day 5. Played at Tick Tock Escape Room with Chris. Had a very good talk at Emporium Pluit Mall later. Visited Central Park Mall with my Mom at afternoon and had a tasted of Belly Rush which is owned by a friend, Steven.

Day 9. Second visit to Indomie Abang Adek; been 6 years since the last time I think.
Day 11. Another trip to Bogor. This time with Jeanette, Valentcia, Hendy, Very, and Wien. Picked up by Dewi again. Ngo Hiang - Gg Aut, Soto Mie Agih Sukabumi, Asinan Sedap Gedung Dalam, Roti Unyil Venus, de'Leuit, Momo Milk Barn, Klappertaart Huize, Macaroni Panggang.

Day 12. Attended a Mass at Gereja Santa Maria de Fatima Toasebio.
Day 14. Received my package of BEAST's 5th Gen Membership!
Day 15. STEM Potluck Session! I was so full this day. I watched Casino Kings Part 1 with my family at evening.
Day 16. Meetup with complete member of best friends since 2002 (plus Dion, minus Silvia). We watched Ant-Man at Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia and had porridge at Kam Seng later on.

Day 21. Meetup with old colleagues at Emporium Pluit Mall.
Day 23. Karaoke-ing with colleagues to celebrate Christian's birthday.
Day 25. Closing Mass for Class of Baptism 2014.
Day 28. Flight to Surabaya. This time it's three of us: me, Jeanette, and Silvy -- a senior. [18 days].
Day 29: Day 1 of Indo Livestock 2015 Expo and Forum. [29-31 July 2015].

Watched 3 movies this month.
Out of town for 8 days.

"We aren't who we want to be. We are what society demands. We are what our parents choose.
We don't want to disappoint anyone; we have a great need to be loved.
So we smother the best in us.
Gradually, the light of our dreams turns into the monster of our nightmares.
They become things not done, possibilities not lived."
- Adultery, by Paulo Coelho


Trip 8 of 12: August

Day 9. Watched Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at Supermall XXI. I always love watching movie alone. Wonder if it's strange.
Day 12. Bought Critical Eleven by Ika Natassa. Finished the book in 4 hours.

Day 14. Returned to Jakarta.
Day 15. Accidentally met Dewi who handed over her wedding invitation. Had a talk with Carola (and Very afterwards) at Taman Anggrek. Also accidentally met Andrea, a friend from high school.

Day 17. Indonesia 70th Independence Day. Visited my junior high school for a reunion. Karaoke with Jeanette and Valentcia. Night talk with Chris at Citraland before he left to China. Also read the news of Bangkok bomb this day. My deepest condolences and sincere prayers.
Day 18. Flight to Surabaya. [25 days].
Day 21. Made a summary of my stories. 38 completed. 5 on progress. 5 on hiatus. 11 coming soon.
Day 23. Watched Inside Out, my 4th animated movie at cinema. It's a really good one. Watched Miracles in Cell No 7 at night and I gave my tears away for this movie.
Day 31. BEAST's Beautiful Show in Seoul. They cried so much that I felt sad for no reason. "Let's see each other for a long, long time."

Watched 2 movies this month.
Out of town for 28 days.

"Travel. It's learning not to take every second for granted."
- Critical Eleven, by Ika Natassa


Trip 9 of 12: September

Day 1. #BackToHogwarts ! It's also James Sirius Potter's first day at Hogwarts. And, yes, it's a memorable day to remember!
Day 6. Received my Plantronics BackBeat Go 2.
Day 11. Received the book She and I by Chris with a message "publish a book!".

Day 11. Watched Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. I wish I watched the movie first before reading the book but, unfortunately, the book series is too good that I finished reading them right away.
Day 12. Meetup with Gemini Trio at Grand Indonesia -- lunch at CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry House. Lunch with Monica, Jeanette, and Wien at Hong Kong Cafe - Central Park. Karaoke time at night with them as well.
Day 15. Flight to Surabaya. [9 days].
Day 20. Meetup with an old friend, Felicia, at Ciputra World. Knew her since elementary school, classmates during high school.
Day 22. My grandfather passed away due to health complication. Rest in peace.

Day 23. Returned to Jakarta alone. Unable to attend my grandfather's cremation ceremony due to flight schedule.
Day 24. Flight to Semarang for holiday and a special day. My first time visiting the town. [4 days]. Soto Ayam Khas Kudus "Mbak Lin", Kampung Laut, Sam Poo Kong Temple, Viharra Buddhagaya Watu Gong, Gua Maria Kerep, The Tavern, Alam Indah Restaurant & Ballroom.
Day 25. 2nd day in Semarang. Toko OEN, Pesta Keboen Restaurant, Du Portrait Resto and Cafe, Giggle Box Cafe & Resto, Kampoeng Semawis.
Day 26. Alvin and Dewi's wedding. I became a bridesmaid for the first time! Along with Liani dan Stella, three of us accompanied Dewi for her special day. Be happy and in love always!

Day 27. Back to Jakarta after getting some (food) souvenirs.
Day 28. Flight to Surabaya. It's my fourth flight in a week. Also Jeanette's 25th birthday. [26 days].

Watched 1 movie this month.
Out of town for 27 days.

"People tend to forget moments. Until later we remember them as regrets.
For every mistake, an apology will never enough.
For every kindness, an infinite gratitude is present.
Goodbye. I'm sorry. And thank you."
- Posted on Path, 22 September 2015


Trip 10 of 12: October

Day 7. Taeyeon's solo album was released. Her song "U R" inpired me to write a short story.
Day 9. TGIF because we finally had an off on Saturday at Surabaya; yes, we usually came to office. Watched The Martian and it's so much better than I expected!
Day 14. Tried The Real Food Market at Galaxy Mall.
Day 15. Focused for 30 minutes to buy a ticket for an event on 15 November.
Day 16. BEAST's 6th Anniversary. Watched Crimson Peak at Supermall XXI. My mother told me that my little brother got a scholarship for college.

Day 18. Jeanette tried to cook Cordon Bleu for our dinner. Quite good actually. We watched Into The Woods at noon and Begin Again at afternoon.
Day 23. Returned to Jakarta. 
Day 24. Had a day out with Monica for lunch at The Bailey's and Chloe, dinner at Eggo Waffle - Central Park Mall.
Day 25. A belated birthday surprise for Jeanette from me, Brenda, Monica, and Valentcia at Lime Light. We also gave her twelve yellow rose cupcakes! Had meetup with other friends at Sunny Side Up - Central Park at night.

Day 26. Flight to Surabaya. [14 days].
Day 28. Flight to Bali for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. [5 days]. Read the details here.
Day 29. Day 1 of UWRF15. Read the details here.
Day 30. Day 2 of UWRF15. Read the details here.
Day 31. Day 3 of UWRF15. I will add the details later.

Watched 2 movies this month.
Out of town for 29 days.

"Share and you'll be happier."
- Posted on Path, 28 October 2015


Trip 11 of 12: November

Day 1. Day 4 of UWRF15. I will add the details later. Night flight back to Surabaya.
Day 7. Played at Suroboyo Carnival Night Market! It's a fun night indeed from Roller Coaster, Tornado, 4D cinema, Ghost Ship, 360 degrees cinema, Lampion Park to 3D Art Museum.

Day 11. Wrote a draft of possible story-to-write, inspired by CapSa. Yes, that card game.
Day 13. Returned to Jakarta. Got my ticket for the important event at STC Senayan.
Day 14. Meetup with Agatha, Dion, Hilda, and Livia. Originally wanted to try House of Trap at Mall Kelapa Gading but, since it's full booked, we tried Totem Room Escape instead. Failed, unfortunately. Heard the news of Paris attack. And there goes saying, "I see human, but no humanity". My prayer goes to all souls who are lost and grieving.

Day 15. INFINITE EFFECT in Jakarta. After 2 years since their last concert here, I could watch their live performance again! Definitely the best Sunday of 2015 for me -- although I must stood in line for 7 hours.

Day 16. Flight to Surabaya. [6 days].
Day 20. Karaoke with Jeanette at NAV - Ciputra World. Let's say it's our celebration as (we thought) our partnership for this year ended on this day because I got a new project.
Day 21. Returned to Jakarta.
Day 22. Watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 with my brothers. Attended Willy and Elizabeth's wedding and, wow, I did my make-up by myself. I considered this as a miracle.

Watched 2 movies this month.
Out of town for 19 days.

"Why do I write? Well, you know, just like a quote said: write the story that you want to read."
- Posted on Path, 17 November 2015


Trip 12 of 12: December

Day 2. Made a DIY Christmas Tree at office with Brenda from business cards.

Day 5. Had All You Can Eat Dimsum with my Mom and little brother at Sense Restaurant. Decided to buy a Kindle.
Day 12. A quick meeting at Cirebon. My project manager drove his car for 3 hours morning trip and almost four hours afternoon trip.
Day 14. STEM Christmas early dinner celebration at Saung Greenville.

Day 15. Flight to Surabaya. Apparently the new project is rescheduled to January so I was sent back to Surabaya until Go Live. [22 days].

Day 17. Bought Forbidden Forest Coloring Book - Art Therapy. It's kind of fun.

Day 18. Watched Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens at Supermall XXI. Not a big fan but I do follow this epic saga. BB-8 is super cute!
Day 24. Christmas Eve in Surabaya!

Day 26. Duet in Karaoke with Jeanette for more than 2 hours. Apparently we invited a little bit of laughter.
Day 31. Last day of 2015. I'm writing this blog at the client's office. Yep, I'm still working today and I declared a self-challenge as well: No Complaining Rule. It will be lovely to close the trip of 2015 with goodness, right?

Watched 1 movie this month.
Out of town for 17 days.


And here goes my summary for the 2015 trip.

Best moment(s):
  • Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. My solo trip and a festival of writer/reader. What should I say more?
  • INFINITE EFFECT in Jakarta! This is beyond perfection!
  • Japan Night at Kota Kasablanka. It definitely reminds me how awesome J-Rock is (again).

Best book:
After Dark by Murakami Haruki. I know it's not a new released book, but it's the best one I read this year.

Best movie:
Out of 26 movies I watched this year at cinema, my favorite is (surprisingly) Inside Out.

Best out-of-town:
I was out of town for 233 days this year and, other than my trip to Ubud, my best days while I was not at Jakarta definitely go to my trip to Semarang.

Best TV Show:
The Genius! It's a Korean reality/variety show that I watched this year, from Season 1 to Season 4. I seriously recommend this as they don't offer simply just idols but various players and games! It's really fun.

Best music:
As a K-Pop fans, BTS stole the attention easily with I Need U and, for me, Charlie Puth with his voice also gained the highlight this year.

Best food:
GoDonuts! A friend recommended me this (IG: @_godonuts) and I love their Choco Mint!

And a special dedication for my grandfather who passed away this 22 September,  this year is the first time I lost a close relative.

Thank you and I'm sorry.


Yeah, I know, too many pictures in one post, right?

Anyway, that's my 2015. It's not perfect but I'm really grateful because I had a chance to start and finish 2015.
Hopefully all of you have a great 2015 as well!

See you at my first post in 2016. ;)

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