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‡ STEM: iReap, BagiTeman, SAP B1 Tips ‡

No, this is not an advertising.

(Yes, I'm going to start my blog post with that statement)


Hello, everyone.
It's been quite a while since the last time I actually came up with a decent blog post.
Speaking about decent, this is (only) my fifth post in 2016.
Awesome, isn't it? /sarcasm/

How's life for you?
Calendar is showing 23 November 2016 today and that means...around 38 days to 2017?

2016 is turning its page a little bit too fast for me;
you'll find out what I've been up to for the past ten months on my recap of the year (as usual).

Anyway, what I'm going to share today with you is something which is related to my workplace at the moment.

As I have stated in ‡ Book of 2014 ‡ , I am currently a part of STEM (PT. Sterling Tulus Cemerlang). 

STEM Official Website

What do I do here?
I can't really provide a general answer for this question but I'll try my best.
I'm going to give a try with Q&A pattern.


Q: What is your position?
A: Functional Consultant. I am involved in the implementation project of SAP Business One. Finishing one project to another, this company to that company.

Q: How long have you been working there? How many projects have you been involved with?
A: My first day of STEM is 7 April 2014. Up until now, I'm working on my sixth project since I started working in STEM. You can see the details on my LinkedIn here.

Q: So, really, what is your job description?
A: In general, every project will start from kick off, blueprint discussion, configuration, development, training, testing, final preparation, and then Go Live. I am involved in all of those phases (except development, since it belongs to Technical Consultant).

Q: Why do you have so many phases? Still don't get it. What do you do?
A: Every company has business process but not every company has the integrated business solution. SAP, a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations (quoted from Wikipedia), is one of the best systems to help companies who are seeking for the solution.

STEM is the official partner of SAP Business One (one of SAP products) in Indonesia and STEM helps the customers to implement SAP B1 by going through all of the phases. Go Live means the company starts to use SAP B1 as discussed and designed for the client.

Q: So SAP provides everything the client needs?
A: Actually SAP is developed based on best practices and case studies. Basically speaking, the system has provided the best solution. However it is understandable that each company has their own characteristics.

That's where consultants are also needed. When the customer expects something, a consultant should understand the issue and be aware of the solution.

It's not simply about fulfilling the customer's request. It's about being able to provide the best solution of a customer's need and the effective business process.

Q: What's the difference with your previous job?
A: I worked as an Internal Consultant for Material Management (MM) Module of SAP All-in-One before. Different product, different tasks.

As an internal consultant, I'm dedicated for the company.
As an external consultant, I'm dedicated for the project instead of the clients themselves.

In SAP A1, a consultant is usually specialized in one module as it offers a very detailed and complex business process for large enterprises.
In SAP B1, a consultant is supposed to understand the complete business process, from purchasing to accounting.

Q: Which one do you like better?
A: It's always a matter of preference. Of course you get diverse experience from two different jobs.

I like the fact that I'm able to meet different people from various industries. Not only the clients, I'm also involved in different teams from one project to another. I get the chance to share my knowledge and learn from others at the same time.

I've mentioned that I'm working on my sixth project currently, right? Since the first project, I received the chances to work in Cirebon (Jan - Apr 2014), Surabaya (May - Dec 2015), and Cikarang (Feb - Oct 2016) so I'll let you wonder which one I like better.

Q: Any moments you cherish since you've joined STEM?
A: Of course! I always cherish moments every time I have the chance!

You can find several in ‡ Book of 2014 ‡ and ‡ Journey of 2015 ‡ such as:
  • Our annual meeting in Bandung on June 2014
  • First trip to Cirebon on January 2015
  • First flight to Surabaya on May 2015
  • Potluck at office on July 2015
  • Our Christmas early dinner on December 2015

Not to mention that I met new friends here who share similarities with me!

Q: So, when are you going to start telling us about what your blog post title means?
A: I'm going there!


One thing that we're always kindly advised to do here is to share.

And, to be honest, I think it's a really important value.



If you're into Point of Sale system, feel free to give yourself a try of iReap POS Lite.

It's a FREE POS application for Android mobile phones. You can download it here.

The apps gives you freedom and flexibility in managing your retail data: from managing your articles/items and pricing, to controlling stocks and sales cashier. It's ideal for mobile and semi-permanent retail establishment with minimal facilities.



BagiTeman official website

This is a new Android application developed by STEM to help people sharing with others in need.

Sharing became easier with BagiTeman as it lets people who want to share kindness to other by registering as donors. Your kindness can be anything you're willing to give away, from food to books to clothes.

You can download the app here.


SAP B1 Tips

If you're up to POS and sharing but wonder if there's anything more you can understand from SAP B1, take your time to learn more tips here.

This web is organized and updated by STEM frequently.


Oh, and in case you have free time on 23 - 25 November 2016, you can visit STEM booth at INA SHOP EXPO, located at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Once again, this is not an advertisement. I write this post during my break time just because I want to.

All of them are written based on my personal experience plus my amateur skill of writing so pardon me for any kind of incorrect statement (or grammars!)

And , yes, this is knowledge sharing. ;)

Thank you for reading!
I'll see you on my next post!

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