Wednesday, June 01, 2011

‡ June is Here ‡

Goodbye May.

Welcome June.

The sixth month of 2011,
means 2011 has passed 5 months.

What have you done in these 5 months of 2011?
Have you fulfilled your goals in 2011?
What about your resolutions in 2011?

no one can turn back the hands of time,
so create your best moments while you can. ;)

Life goes on, people.

Pieter Lydian, CEO of DELL Indonesia,
attended General Forum of Topik-Topik Lanjutan for my class yesterday,
and he gave many inspirational quotes for me.

When you have decided what you want, the next things will move really fast.

So, have you decide what do you want?

Enjoy the June. :D

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