Wednesday, January 01, 2014

‡ First Day of 2014 ‡

How do you usually spend your New Year's Eve?

The first day of 2014 almost ends here (in less than an hour here, to be exact). Therefore why don't we just try to remember the previous moments for a while?

When I was still a kid, I remember sitting in a car with my parent's friend who brought their children as well, driving through the traffic jam of Jakarta, watching the fireworks on the night sky, passing the midnight with excitement.

As time went by, I managed to celebrate the change of year with my friends at Puncak for the first time during the last day of 2007 to first day of 2008. I stayed at my friend's villa (for your surprise, I was not really close to him; my classmate asked me to come along since she went there with her (ex)boyfriend).

I had another celebration of New Year with friends during 2010 to 2011. This time I was with some friends from HIMSISFO and we enjoyed barbeque, passing the year with food and watching fireworks. I remember that I returned to home with a junior who stayed in my room that night (it's around 2-3 AM on 1 January 2011).

From 2012 to 2013, I celebrated it with my college friends. It's another BBQ time and I returned to home at 1 AM. We exchanged a lot of stories since all of us had started to work on 2012.

Truth to be told, I was planning to spend the change of year from 2013 to 2014 at home. Well, I did it during 2011 to 2012. You know, watching something on television with my brother, having whatever we could to eat at midnight, made myself busy with greetings everywhere.

My friends from MPH group (do not even ask me what the acronym stands for) planned to have Shabu-Shabu time. Since I had to work that day (yes, on last day of 2013), I politely declined the invitation, knowing that it would be quite difficult for me to go here and there.

I changed my plan at noon, thinking of giving them a quick visit at Binus by dropping a box of J.Co as my apology for not spending the last day of 2013 with them. I did it in 15 minutes and, still sticking to my original plan, I was going to take a public transportation and go straight back to home sweet home.

One of my best friends, Jeanette, asked me to stay but, being the understanding friend she always does, she bid me farewell after taking some pictures together. Before I left, I managed to greet (early) happy new year to her, Very, and Okky.

Unfortunately, everything was screwed beautifully by four most random friends I have later on.

When the clock hit 6 PM on 31 December 2013, I was already in a car which driving to Sentul. How did I end up there?

I did plan to meet these guys to drop another box of J.Co. Without any concern, I accompanied Matthew (an ENTP who is a great companion yet loves to annoy me as much as he can) who invited the others to his sister's house at Sentul to celebrate the New Year (the others had not arrived yet).

I agreed to wait for Harmoko (the Vice President of HIMTI during 2010/2011; my arch-enemy but, strange enough, also one of the persons I respect the most) to arrive with Denny (HIMTI alumnus who I just befriended for real on 22 December 2013; I don't even remember if I ever introduced to him properly).

Jhonson (President of HIMTI during 2010/2011; definitely knows how to be good and evil at the same time) is also one of the pack. Once four of them gathered, I decided to leave and work with my plan. (Un)fortunately, they're not as understanding as Jeanette. They (partly) demanded me to go with them to Sentul.

Okay, that's absurd. I know. However they never care about how absurd everything can be. Or so I think.

Did I agree right away? No, people, no. I declined them as polite as possible... until the rain fell heavily.

I entered the car, telling them it's fine for me to wait until the rain stopped (because I didn't bring my umbrella) but, voila, (after I accidentally almost left a scar on the car next to us) the car door was locked. The engine started and, despite my whining and complaints, they didn't let me go easily, saying that what good it would be to spend New Year without doing anything special at all.

So, long short story, I called Jeanette to apologize that I didn't join them but let myself to be dragged by others. The quartet even laughed from their hearts upon knowing my mother gave me an okay right away when I asked for permission. I was secretly thinking that they just loved to see me speechless.

I was back at home at 6 AM this morning after having rice porridge for supper-to-breakfast time (BBQ was prepared for us and we had fun time with playing cards). I passed the moment of 11:59 PM (31 December 2013) to 12:00 AM (1 January 2014) with watching the fireworks with them.

That's how I celebrated my New Year this year.

Special thanks to Moko for the white chocolate; it let me survive for hours.
Bunch of thanks to Denny and Jhonson who managed to pursue me with the absurd plan (with all honesty, I don't regret it; though I still wonder why I could be there with you guys).
Million of thanks to Matthew for the (sudden) invitation (was I even invited at the first place?) and driving through hours of rain.

Anyhow my story of New Year had not ended yet. No, I continued for another activity this evening.

I was planning to work on my unfinished tasks until a message arrived from Valentcia. Let's have a dinner together, she stated. I gave an okay right away and then, on 5 PM, I was already in a car driving to PIK area.

We enjoyed playing card (and wondering why we had a little problem of counting cards from  1-100) while drinking tea before having dinner at Carnivor. I returned home at 10 PM and I told myself that I should write down what I had for today (remember one of my resolutions to keep a journal?).

I can't ask more than what I have for today.

I was 'kidnapped' to have great momentum of New Year. I laughed a lot at nighttime. Sure I had a lot of thoughts running in mind but, hey, that's life to live with. I just need to enjoy this life without regret, right?

Tomorrow is another (work)day so... how is your first day of 2014? ;)

Mine is the best I could ever ask for.

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