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‡ More Resolutions for 2014 ‡

Are 25 resolutions not enough for 2014?

It's 2 January 2014 and, here I am again, to list down more resolutions for you to read. However these are not my resolutions; I wrote everything already yesterday.

I read this article from the same website where I quoted the 25 resolutions. Apparently they shared even more resolutions for this new year. Perhaps it can inspire you to have better resolutions -- especially for all of you who are in 20s (I'm still 22 anyway!).

Let me just do CTRL+C and CTRL+V first here and just quote what I like the most.

1. No more procrastinating. If something needs to be done, you do it then and there.

2. No more eating when you’re down. You’re just going to gain weight and make yourself feel even worse.

3. Get to bed earlier. Nothing great happens after 2 am.

4. Wake up earlier. You don’t need to see the sun come up, but if the birds are chirping then you should be working.

7. Give your liver a break and stop being a short step and stumble away from alcoholism.

10. Stop spending money on things that you don’t need.

12. Leave your comfort zone at least once a week — every week.

13. Travel more.

16. Give up commenting on topics you are clueless about.

17. When you don’t know the answer to things, ask.

18. Speak up and be heard. Being brilliant is useless unless others recognize it.

19. If you’re introverted, practice being a bit more outgoing and interactive.

20. If you’re extroverted, spend some more time alone, being contemplative.

21. Stop harassing others.

22. Stop allowing yourself to be harassed. Stand up for yourself — no one else will.

23. Resolve to get to know yourself better. You’re the most interesting person you’ll ever get to know.

25. Learn to think for yourself.

27. Understand that there is always a better, more efficient way to do something. Then figure out how.

28. Be more curious. Life may be an unsolvable puzzle, but it’s a puzzle nonetheless.

29. Start giving back to your community — you may need its help one day.

30. When someone does something nice for you, thank him or her genuinely.

31. Tell those you love that you love them; they won’t be around forever and then you’ll wish you’d have let them know when you had the chance.

32. Take that resolution that you have been “working on” for the last half-decade and actually get it done.

33. Give to those in need. One species, one family.

35. Allow yourself to fall in love. You have to want it to find it.

36. Conquer a fear. Then conquer another. Life is to be lived, not feared.

37. Learn to accept what you can’t change.

38. Find the courage to change what you can change.

39. Figure out what you actually want out of life. If you don’t know what is important to you then you don’t know yourself.

40. Find a passion and run with it.

41. Make mistakes. Then learn from them.

42. Learn from the mistakes of others.

43. Read more.

51. Stop texting when you’re having dinner.

52. Resolve to spend more time talking to people face-to-face.

53. If you get turned down then don’t dwell, move on.

54. Never live in the past — only in the present and near future.

55. If you forgive then forget.

57. Spend more time with those who matter and less time with those who don’t.

58. If you hate your job then quit your job. Don’t torture yourself for yet another year.

59. Attempt to do something that you don’t think you can do and then truly give it your all. You’ll be surprised with the results.

60. Be a better son or daughter.

61. Be a better brother or sister.

63. Appreciate the things that others do for you.

64. Make your appreciation known. Not being appreciated has the same result as not knowing you’re appreciated.

65. Wave and smile at strangers. You may just save their lives.

66. Don’t poke fun of those who are in a bad situation. They have enough weighing on their shoulders.

67. Give a helping hand whenever you are able to — not just when you are in the mood to.

68. Become more self-reliant; in the end it’s really you against the world.

69. Either practice what you preach or stop preaching. If you’re going to point a finger then point one at yourself first.

70. Start making more money. When there is a will, there is a way — a legal way.

71. Stay up-to-date on world news. The world keeps getting smaller and smaller and our voices keep getting louder and louder.

72. Resolve to take at least two week-long vacations. Aim for four.

73. Start every day excited and on full throttle. Being energetic in the morning often leads to being energetic throughout the day.

77. Don’t let people make decisions for you. It’s your life and you’re a grownup dammit.

78. Learn to take responsibility for your actions.

79. Learn something new: a language, an instrument, a sport…

80. Resolve to do what you believe to be right.

81. Promise yourself to keep an open mind and to weigh all the options carefully.

82. Read up or brush up on philosophy. It will change the way you perceive the world and your purpose in it.

83. Accept that there is no one reality, but a multitude of them—each person perceiving things just a little differently.

84. Don’t get worked up during arguments. They’re not worth the stress.

85. See things a bit more black and white. It’ll make making decisions a whole lot easier.

86. Practice self-control. You may not be able to control every aspect of your life, but you can control you.

91. Make those who are important in your life feel special. Give them the attention and love that they deserve and they will reciprocate.

94. Resolve to find more balance in your life. Extremes are a part of life, but without overall balance, we will fall off the deep end and drown.

95. Train your brain. It’s the greatest and most important tool in your arsenal. Learn to use it better.

96. Delay gratification. The wait itself is usually the best part.

98. Keep the promises you make and don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

99. No more making excuses for yourself. You are in control of your destiny; if you fail to make something out of yourself then you are the one that is failing — nobody else.

100. Stop taking life so seriously. It’s supposed to be fun. And besides, it’ll all be over before you know it.

Original and complete article: here

I personally like a lot of them but, yes, I have my favorite points.

No more procrastinating. I do this a lot. Most of the times actually. I always have excuses to procrastinate everything.

Stop spending money on things that you don't need. I have a problem with money management, I must admit.

Travel more. Anyone? I'd love to travel to places I never visit before. By myself,

Allow yourself to fall in love. For anyone who said that fall in love is easy, no, I'm not going to say it's wrong. However, falling in love needs courage and I'm not allowing myself to fall in love; simply because I know I lack the courage.

Conquer a fear. Refer to my own resolution.

Figure out what you actually want out of life. This continues to the next one.

Find a passion and run with it. My passion refers to my job (or my career) and it goes on to the next point.

If you hate your job then quit your job. Refer to my own resolution.

Make those who are important in your life feel special. This, everyone, is a really nice reminder. 2014 just started so let's make it special with special persons.

Keep the promises you make and don't make promises that you can't keep. Because, like what people said, a promise means everything but, once it is broken, sorry means nothing.

No more making excuses for yourself. I should stop procrastinating. Yes, I should.

Stop taking life so seriously. My four most random friends (refer to my previous post here) taught me this point in a smart way. I believe they didn't have any intention to do it but, yeah, I took it as a life lesson.

So is there anything that inspires you? ;)

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