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‡ BUMA: 26.03.12 - 28.03.14 ‡

Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama.
Located at Pluit, exactly at the same area with Emporium Pluit Mall.

I sent my first job application letter there and got a call to attend the interview on 14 February 2012, even before I passed my final defense. Apparently I was accepted as an Internal Consultant for SAP R/3, Material Management (MM) Module there afterwards.

I started my first day there on 26 March 2012, together with Stella Winata and Liani Susanto.

I thought both of them would be the only friends around my age but Dewi Susanti and Indra Suryadi joined the ERP team weeks after us. Oh, Stella and Dewi were in the same module with me while Liani was assigned for Human Capital Management (HCM) Module and Indra was assigned for Plant Management (PM) Module.

May 2012. Our first picture together with the new staff ID cards at Sushi Tei - Emporium Pluit Mall.

I remember when I had my first and second presentation during my first and third month. Both would decide whether I was qualified or not to be a part of ERP team officially. I passed and so did Stella and Liani.

We went for our first work meeting a.k.a Rapat Kerja to Bandung for 3D2N on June 2012. I was (coincidentally) picked as the event team, my most favorite division among others in event preparation. Ah, I missed preparing rundown and so on actually.

June 2012. Girls from ERP Department.

There was "Improvement Idea" session and my team actually won (although, unfortunately, the idea didn't went on). Below is the first time I took picture together as a complete team. The most memorable moment? Karaoke-ing when we're on our way to Bandung and way back to Jakarta.

9 June 2012. Work Meeting of ERP Department at Aston Hotel - Bandung.

Dewi passed the probation and Indra passed as well. Five of us became best friends, knowing that we're around the same age and we just had the chemistry to be good friends. We often went to Emporium Pluit Mall just to spend the lunch time for nothing (or sometimes bought snack).

August 2012. After visiting Pancious Pancake House! Yes, we're all in skirts as agreed.

Most of the times we would go to the food court and buy some snacks or just sit there and chat. Another time we would go to Gramedia or SOGO. Sometime we would make a stop at Carrefour and bought fruits -- it became our favorite stop for the past 6 months, if I'm not mistaken.

26 September 2012. It's been 6 months since three of us joined the team.

If there's a meeting, a goodbye is inevitable. As time passed by, we received news that our seniors would resign. One by one and the only senior in my MM team also moved out, leaving only me and Stella together. Where's Dewi? Due to the turnover in HCM team, she was assigned to help Liani in the team.

September 2012. TaWan is a place I often visited back then. LOL.

At that time, I did wonder about when I would have the same moment with them. However, since I was just 6-7 months old there, I shrugged it away. Well, five of us did have random talk about who would be the first to leave for the new 'ship' (and I was definitely not the first name to be mentioned -- we only found out the answer one and half year later).

September 2012. Belated birthday party for Dewi, Hendy, Suteja, and Vika.
This is my former MM team. From left to right: Dewi, Vika, Stella, Erlia.

My busy schedule happened during the last month of 2012. A new integration project vendor began with only two consultants actively involved. An external ABAPer (programmer) was also assigned to help the project development. At the same time, Stella was also involved for an important project regarding financial report.

December 2012. I often worked until 10 or 11 PM during this month due to project deadline.

The most memorable part? No, it's not from 2012. It's actually from January 2013 where I didn't go back home and spent hours at the nearby hotel. It was caused by the workload (I was still at office when the clock struck 1 AM) and the flood (my home was suffering at that night).

January, February, and then March arrived. A year had passed and some members of ERP team did change somewhat. Some came, some went away. Not only in my team but sometimes my users from MM team also bid me goodbye and, yes, the question crossed my mind again: how about me?

26 March 2013. We celebrated our first work anniversary at May Star!

I tried not to think too much, knowing that I barely had anything at that moment. There's still so much things  I needed to learn. Therefore I decided to focus on what I had and what I got to do. Besides, everything was good -- even my friends said so.

May 2013. The girls did buy the same shirts together but Indra didn't buy his with us. Coincidence, eh?

Ever heard of we, humans, are never satisfied with what we have? I did and I know exactly how it feels. I feel that all the time, even until now. I also know that we need to be grateful but, sometimes, the not-too-satisfied feeling is what driving us to improve more and more.

The office was near from my house. I got good friends there. I wasn't scolded when I came a little bit late or took an early leave. There's a mall next to the building. I had what's people wanted to have and, for your note, I was grateful. I still am.

24 May 2013. Stella and my birthday celebration at Crown Palace - Pluit Junction.

Then I finally made a big decision during the early month this year. It's February when I had prepared a brown envelope to be submitted. I still remember exactly how I felt nervous, how I felt unsure, and how the doubt engulfed me at the moment. It happened exactly on the day of BUMA birthday celebration.

26 February 2014. BUMA birthday celebration: Dance with Empire. Wearing our uniforms.

I started to countdown each day, knowing that a month was not a long time. The feeling of excitement came but, at the very same time, I felt unsure. I was going to leave my comfort zone, everyone said. Should I really throw everything when I had the good things already?

20 March 2014. A week before my last day. Being bubbly and silly at our best with one of my most favorite shirts.

Strangely enough, like what people said, sometimes we learn the value of time when we start running out of time. I came to think by myself about the two years I spent there, about every moment I had, about the days I went through.

Those were the moments I could only have in BUMA.

26.03.2014. We celebrated our second anniversary since we started work there.

Managed to celebrate my second work anniversary with Stella and Liani on 26 March 2014, I actually promised myself that I would not be the melancholic one on my last day -- or so I thought.

I failed successfully.

28 March 2014. My last karaoke-ing time with the team at Inul Vizta - Pluit Junction Mall.

I didn't work on my (official) last day there. Literally. I spent my day going here and there, returning the assets and all, bidding goodbye with everyone. Some of the team members went to karaoke during lunchtime and I started to feel... lonely? Nahhh, I don' t even know how to describe the feeling in words.

Before I went home, I was dragged to the meeting room to share one or two words with others. I was planning to thank them, to apologize if I had done any mistakes, yet I ended up with tears while saying the words. They gave me a farewell gift (and I love it so much!) before taking picture(s) together as a team.

28 March 2014. My countdown finished. Got a surprise from the team.

Without meeting everyone there in BUMA, I would not become who I am today.

Thanks would never be enough to return your kindness but my gratitude and prayer are sincere.

Thanks to MM team, PM team, FAT team, HRGA team, SHE team, and every team there. Thanks to BE team who became a part of my job division as well for the past months.

I would love to thanks the ERP team members respectively:
Mr Harry Rachmat, ERP Manager.
Yulie Christiany, Christine, Linda Wihardjo, Benidiktus Kurniawan.
Irsa Hasyim, Hendy Cahyadi, Ayu Lintang Ramadhani.
Dona Wirawan, Raden Vicky.
Haryono Asngadi, Suteja Kusuma, Mariana Novelia.
Bangun Windiarto, Ruhul Amin.
For all seniors who had helped me during my early months as a new member there.

Extra thanks to Liani Susanto, Dewi Susanti, and Indra Suryadi for being the best friends I could ever ask for.

And, last but not least, special thanks to Stella Winata, for being the most amazing partner in work. I already miss sitting next to you, arguing over an issue, picking up the phone, discussing about the e-mails, and all and all.

Goodbye doesn't mean we won't see each other anymore. Therefore I'm not going to say 'goodbye' but 'see you later'.

I will always pray for everyone's success without failing.

Until next time. :)

Personal note:
This blog post is originally posted on 23.05.2014, Stella's 24th birthday.
However I changed the post date to 28.03.2014, my official last day at BUMA.

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