Tuesday, March 18, 2014

‡ What Is Love? ‡


What is love really?

Ask ten different persons and they might give you ten different answers as well.

Valentine's Day has passed for more than one month but, like what people said, it's not like we only celebrate the existence of love on V-Day, right? ;)

Let's start this topic with my own simple definition of love.

Love is universal.

Nowadays, most people come up with an idea of a couple -- man and woman -- when one speaks of the word 'love'. Lyrics, movies, books. Everything.

Of course it's not wrong. It's definitely one kind of love. I just add the love for God, love for family, love for friends, and love for the world in my dictionary of love; the very reason why I define love as universal.

Love is not only restricted for two souls who will be together for life (or somewhere around that point).

Love is sincere.

When it comes to love, you don't demand others to be like what you want. You accept them for who they are but doesn't let them to fall out to the abyss when it brings no good.

You don't blame love when you feel hurt. You don't ask for people to return your love because, yes, loving is not about give and take; it's about loving without regret.

Then why do we cry because of love? Why does heart keep breaking? Why can't everyone just be happy when we love others?

Some said life is not fair and so is love.

Just because you love someone, doesn't mean the person should love you equally. Remember, love is sincere. Love is not about who loves another more. No, of course, it's not wrong to expect the person you love to return your feeling but, if your intention from the start is just to love and ask it back, be ready to be blown by your own expectation.

Sure, hearts break. Someone could break your heart, the same way you might break another heart. However, there will be someone who could gather pieces of your heart and make you realize your imperfection is perfect, the same way you could be that 'someone' for a soul in this world.

Crying is not a weakness. If you cry because you feel hurt by loving someone, perhaps it's because you lose the essence of loving yourself; we forget that loving someone else also means that we should love ourselves as well.

Cry for love. Cry for one you love. Cry for a heart that loves you. Cry for a world which exists for and after you.

With all those reasons behind your tears, you'll find even more reasons to smile for love.

Aren't those words sound too dreamy? I know. I feel that way as well but, well then, that is exactly what I think about love.

How about you?

"If a thing loves, it is infinite."
- William Blake

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