Wednesday, March 19, 2014

‡ Right, Wrong : Person, Time ‡

Apparently, tonight I bring 'love' as the theme again.

I read an article, written beautifully and amazingly true. You can read her writing here.

Every girl has her own ideal type.

Tall. Humorist. Smart. Handsome. Friendly. Easy going. Honest. Sweet. Creative. Independent.
Mr Nice Guy. The Bad Boy. The Alpha Male. The Romantic Prince.
Musician. Artist. Cook. Photographer. Sportsman.

The list goes on and on, according to each girl in this world who has personal preference for boys.

I remember writing this one question around three years ago. This question would linger in my mind whenever I feel like standing at the edge of somewhere; not knowing whether I'm going to fall on safe place or to the dark abyss.

"Am I the right person who appeared in the wrong time...

or am I only a wrong person who appeared in the right time?"

According to J.cheong (the writer of the article I mentioned above), there are three men in every girl's love life.

The right person you meet at the wrong time.

During your time of youth, a girl could have every first time with this one person. Your first love and, probably, your first heartbreak. He's the right person who became the one who told you that not everything you wanted is what you needed.

The right person you meet at the right time.

Then there is this one person who could make you realize why everything didn't work out the way you think it should be.

For girls who love romantic stuff, this person is the one who would be the companion in every moment you would love to remember for your whole life. For them who are not too romantic (including me), he is the man who is your best friend, brother, and lover at the same time. He would be glad to tell you that imperfection is what makes love even more beautiful.

The wrong person you meet at the right time.

As for the last, the writer talked about marriage -- about how true love is all about a matter of timing. Perhaps, for now, he is the right one but, in ten years, he might not be the one anymore. She mentioned about marriage is not (always) about the right one at the right time, but it's because he is the right one forever.

I'm just going to add a small point here but, no, I'm not going to talk about marriage since I know barely nothing about it. When we talk about the wrong person at the right time, girls in their 20s would probably think about this one guy who appeared in the low points of their lives. He would lift you up, shine on you, stay with you like no other.

Everything felt perfectly right... but it's all just your feeling. You thought he's the right one but, no, he's just there at the perfect timing. There would come a moment when it hit you hard, "Oh my, what was I thinking again? How could I not realize that we're not meant to be?"

Is it love when that moment came up? Is it regret? Is it a complaint?


I'm not going to count it as a regret nor complaint. You just learn another life lesson. You celebrate his existence in your love history but, you know, he's not the right one.

That's the end of my random opinion tonight.

How about yours? ;)

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