Monday, August 11, 2014

‡ 「Dear You -Kind-」 ‡

Continuation of random (short) drabble inspired by Dear You, OST for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime.

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Hope you will enjoy the new one of -Kind-



I believe, but in the corner of my mind
There is a shadow of uneasiness 

You promised me that you would wait.

I wanted to believe, but I couldn't. 

The warmth would always stay by me

I was a child who didn't suspect anything
I swallow my tears and bite my lip
So I can laugh that I've gotten stronger 

The messages stopped coming.

The calls never came.
The voice began to fade. 

Whenever I closed my eyes and remembered you, I felt like I wanted to cry.

But I smiled, knowing that you wanted me to be strong.

Please, tell me that the warmth of your hand isn't a lie

Call my name in a gentle voice, don't leave me alone anymore 

Was that a lie when you told me you loved me?

Were those just sweet words when you said you would wait for me?

Call my name.

Stay with me.
Where are you now? 

I've shouted out my wish and prayers

But my voice never reaches

I prayed and prayed.

I wished and wished.
I cried and cried.
But you didn't hear me.

You're too far now that someone else's voice reached you.

Now even though I cannot see you

You're always there for me
Your kindness melts into the sunshine
Happiness never ends, and it stays with me 

I don't know where you are now.

I can't see you anymore now.
I already miss your smile now.

 But my heart remembers everything.
Your smile. Your warmth. Your kindness.

Your everything. 


There are so many things I didn't notice and only realized when it was gone

I want to play on the bed and sleep in your arms

I never realized how much I treasured you.

I never noticed that I couldn't live without you.
I never thought that you would be gone.

I want to be with you again. 


When I meet with you again

Say 'I'm home', smile and pat my head
I'm still dreaming, in this little place
Waiting for the day you'll draw me close

In my dream, you're waiting for me. 

I couldn't believe, but I wanted to.


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