Tuesday, December 14, 2010

‡ Love Will Spark ‡

Topic of the day:



A lot about hidden past revealed.
A lot facts were told.
A lot of tips and trick went on.

Truth to be told,
I miss some moments of my past.
I miss someone right now;
someone in my past that some people don't expect.

After all, it's already the past now.
Nothing can be changed.
What I need to do is move on and do something to see different result in the future.

I'm not a perfect girl to be loved.
I'm not a great person to be adored.
I think love will spark someday; but not for nowadays.

Oh yeah, love will spark when the time comes.
For now, I just need to think clearly about my acts and my words.
Don't leave any regrets.


Have a blessed night.

My current state
Status: Sleepy, Busy, Clueless
Work: HIMSISFO, Minor
Hobby: Reading
Food: Ferrero Rocher
Drink: Mineral Water
Music: Super Junior (Super Show 2)
Book: C.M.B.

"Love will spark when you and I smile together."

+Lyrics of the day+
I hope somehow you know by now
That I will always love you
Through thick and thin
Down roads the bend
I'll never leave your side
I'd pull the stars down from the sky
Every night just to look into your eyes

Whenever you want
Whenever you need
Whatever you wish for
Whatever you dream
I'll bring it to you

Wherever you are
I won't be that far
Oh whenever your heart breaks
Just call my name

Wherever you are
Whatever you want
Whenever you need
Whenever you need me
(Whenever by Jordin Sparks)

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