Friday, December 31, 2010

‡ Part V: 5 Best Things in Life ‡

Remember about four posts in November about 5 Best Things in Life?

‡ Part I: 5 Best Things in Life ‡
‡ Part II: 5 Best Things in Life ‡
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‡ Part IV: 5 Best Things in Life ‡

It's the last part.
It's the last day of 2010 as well. :)


Yeah, life is totally the best thing in my life.
God let me live until this moment,
feel every little thing since I was a baby.

I feel what is a family,
live in it and have siblings.
Oh, my family is not the perfect family,
but I guess it's my best family.
They are irreplaceable. :D

I live in a wonderful era;
where everything is unpredictable,
where I, myself, need to learn a lot to fit in this world.

Oh, life is easy for me now;
reality isn't easy.
That's why I went to school and now studying in Binus.

For life had let me feel what is love,
to tell me what is sorrow,
to grant me happiness,
and let me know what is gratitude.

That's why I know what is books,
what is music,
what is friendship,
to be a part of HIMSISFO,
and everything.

For the beautiful blue sky,
for the wonderful sea,
for the amazing view for every place I see,
for the rain and rainbow,
for everything.

God always give me what I need,
not what I want.

And I must learn to live on like that;
I'm happy the way I am.

I'm already 19 years old;
I will be 20 in 5 months.
I will be graduated as well from Binus.
I still have a lot in mind.

But that's why I need to grow up,
to be more mature,
to realize that life is so wonderful.

Thanks God for letting me live this life.
I will live on,
with all my heart. :)

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