Tuesday, January 01, 2013

‡ Resolution for 2013 ‡

The calendar has showed 2013 as its year.
Yep, we already closed the book of 2012 yesterday night and we're going to start a brand new year starting from today.

As the first blog post this year, I'm going to write down my resolution for 2013.
Why do I need to write them here?
Because it's a promise to myself and, well, thanks to my limited memory, sometimes I just need to remind myself as time goes by within words.

Let me start write point by point now. ;)

~ Talk more, do even more ~
Instead of the famous quote 'talk less, do more', I choose this as one of my new year resolutions.

Learning from my experience, silence sometimes can't be your best friend in journey.
I need to gather courage and express my opinion. If I'm too afraid to talk, then there is no possibility for me to expand my knowledge as well.
Sure some may believe silence is gold but, hey, changes are required.

However as I talk more and manage knowledge from all around me, it also means that I must take action upon my statement.
What good will it do if I only speak of nonsense anyway?

So, yes, I will try to be more talkative professionally and show what I can do in action.

~ Save more, spend less ~
Ever since I started to work on March 2012, I was still not aware of future saving.
Well, perhaps it's just me, being a young adult who still wants to enjoy the world all by herself but I realized that it's not all about me anymore.

I manage to save but it's far from enough. Now that my experience in professional work almost reaches one year, I believe I must save even more.

However saving more will not help if I spend more as well so, yeah, I need to spend less.
But only what I need, not what I want. Think about whether the stuff will be useful or not before I pick it on my wishlist.

I still have a long journey ahead and I need preparation for that, right?

~ Write more, read more ~
As someone who loves to spend her time with reading and writing, 2012 is not a busy year for me with my hobbies.
I have at least a dozen of books to finish but I still haven't finished it; letting them to fill my bookshelf one by one.

In 2013 I need to finish all of them and, even better, read more books.
I don't really limit myself from the book genre but I miss reading fantasy novel and encouraging words within them.

Writing is also needed as my mood booster. I didn't write much in 2012 as you can see in my blog history.
Not enough time is just an excuse; all I need is to discipline myself.

If I really love my hobbies, I will do them willingly for sure.

~ Decide, Passion ~
For now I'm working as an ERP Officer who spends Monday to Friday with SAP as the best companion from morning till evening.
I met various people as work partners and more. I learn how to make a decision, to think wisely, and manage myself and others.
Interesting, I guess. I still have a lot to learn.

However it will be a lie if I don't think about something else beside of my current job.

What is my passion?
Am I doing what I love now?
Is this what I want?

To be honest, I still don't know what the answer is so...

...I really want to find the answer within this year.

Those are mine, four things I want to reach before 2013 ends.

How about you? ;)

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