Saturday, February 02, 2013

‡ Second of 2013 ‡

Time flies.
It feels like I just wrote my first post in 2013 here days ago but, hey, a month has passed.

Welcome, February 2013, second month of this new year.
Do you have any idea what will you do in February?

Chinese New Year. Valentine's Day. Birthdays.
Then March will come within days, even before I could realize it perhaps.

This month started with some surprising news from here and there.
Regarding work stuff, personal life, and future plan.
Actually I think one of my best friends stated such a true opinion about me.

"You think too much."

It is true that we need to think before we act,
but, sometimes, I think too much that I don't do anything and, in the end, I regret everything.

Such a ridiculous idea but it is true.
For me, at least.

I'm actually wondering what kind of more surprising stuff that can happen in the end of this month.
Whether it's bad or good, all I need to do is be grateful and live my life the fullest.

How about you? ;)

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