Sunday, February 03, 2013

‡ Everyone Has Their Own Problems ‡

"Someone asked me why I am so nice to people who treat me bad, and I didn't know the answer.
Then during class, I looked around after finishing my test and realized why.

I looked at the boy who made fun of my inability to do math, and his head was on the desk and he looked tired. I know he played in the band, so he had to be at school early, and I wondered if he had something at home keeping him up or maybe it was the amount of class work teachers assigned.

I looked at the girl who returned my hellos by snapping her gum and twisting her hair. I knew her and her boyfriend broke up, and I wondered how hard it must be to have everyone concerned in your business. He could probably a jerk, and I knew that she only acted dumb in class so people would like her.

And I thought about the boy in PE who picked me last for teams, how he squinted at his paper and furrowed his eyebrows. It must be a lot of work always practicing, and then also having to get good grades and go to college.

And then there was also the girl who everyone thought was a bitch, but little did she know I saw the scars on her wrist.

And then there is the girl who is always reading, and I wonder what she gets from those books or if she is running from something.

And there is this boy who always wears that shirt and I know his shoes have holes in them because when it rains he complains about wet socks, and I wonder if his parents work hard for him or if they drink a lot and I wonder if he feels outcasted because he has so little.

And the other boy who just moved here from Mexico, and he doesn't speak a lot of English, and I can only imagine how confused he is. I can't imagine learning this stuff in a new language.

And even the teacher. I noticed he wasn't wearing his ring today. Maybe he is giving us more work and more homework because he wants us to do better than he did.

The point is, I look at all these people and realize that they have their own troubles and their own demons, and the last thing I want to do is add to them.

It's a lot of pressure growing up, and no matter what anyone says...

...none of us have it easy."

I read the post from Tumblr around fifteen minutes ago.
It's enough to make me have the urge to post something here.

Have you ever done a simple act of kindness towards someone else for no reason?
That when somebody asked you why you did that, you didn't really have an answer for the question.

It's completely humane that you don't like someone else, that you dislike what they do, that you can't help but to wonder why they act that way, that they don't understand you at all when you have a bad day.

But have you ever wondered if they also have bad days? Perhaps even worse than you. What if they are facing harder battle than you in life but they don't look like ones?

No one would really know what kind of life struggle we're facing but it's not an excuse to blame someone else.

Therefore I always believe, giving a smile is one of the best way to support everyone who is fighting their own battles, to let them know that they are not alone.



...we're all the same. Doing our best to the fullest.

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