Wednesday, February 06, 2013

‡ It Was Never Me ‡

It was never me.

When we met for the first time and he told me his name, I felt butterflies in my stomach.
I thought it was the beginning of one forever happiness and he thought of me as a special girl.

It was never me.

When he looked for me at night, asking what I was doing, bringing up random topic between us.
I thought it's a way how he wanted us to know each other better, because I was a special one.

It was never me.

When he asked me to watch a movie together just out of boredom.
I thought my heart would stop beating when he laughed at how random he was to invite me all of a sudden that I couldn't stop to wonder if he saw me the way I saw him.

It was never me.

When he told me about what made him mad or sad.
I thought it's because he believed me more than everyone, knowing that he was not an extrovert person.

It was never me.

When he agreed to meet up with me on Christmas' Eve, to have a dinner and watch a movie together.
I thought it was a special date, between him and someone who was irreplaceable for him.

But it was never me.

When he started to talk about this girl.
When he smiled just by telling me her name.
When he told me everything about her.
When he said he would go on a date with her next week.
When he blushed slightly upon my question.

"Do you love her?"

It was never me.

I smiled. I faked happy laughter. I cheered him up. I gave my best luck.

Because it was never me.

Until the day I met this one guy who made me realize something.

It was never me.
Who didn't belong to him.
Who didn't mean to be with him.
Who shouldn't stay with him.
Who couldn't make him happy.
Who would be his one and only.

It was never him who belonged with me.
It was never him who meant to be with me.
It was never him who should stay with me.
It was never him who could make me happy.
It was never him who would be my one and only.

It was you.


Being random and I just wrote down whatever I had in mind.
Oh no, I'm not falling in love with someone at the moment.
It's more like... falling out of love.

Well, it's almost Valentine's Day but, well, let's just say I'm currently healing my heart.
Like what I stated in my older post here, I would never stop loving anyone but, perhaps, the level had stopped to increase.
That would be the best statement to describe it.

It would be a lie to say it didn't hurt when the one you really cared about didn't see you the way you saw them.
But to know that they are happy, it feels really good.

Anyway, what I'm trying to point out from the random words above is the fact that you might think your world has collided when this one person break your heart.
However, one day, you would realize that everything happens for a reason.

On the day you understand that hearts are made to be loved.

Have you gone through that day?

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