Today is the last day of February 2013.
It feels like I just wrote my first blog post a week ago but, actually, two months have passed. Ah, time flies, doesn't it?

So, New Year is long gone, January has closed the curtain, the Chinese New Year on February 10 has passed, and Valentine's Day has kissed its goodbye.
We're going to face March pretty soon and, I believe, many surprises are awaiting for us.

What's up with my title?
It's just random topic in mind but I'll try to write it my best to entertain you. I hope so. It's about my opinion and what famous quotations stated.

On March 2, probably I will attend a wedding party of my colleague with my partner.
I'm currently twenty-one years old now; gonna be twenty-two in less than three months though.
Most of my friends already have lovers or, if I might say, their possible partners-in-life.
This fact actually leads question from some old acquaintances here and there, implying that I'm on a state where I should have a candidate as well.

Some quotes stated that love would come when the time was right, but I guess when you just sat still and waited, you had no right to complaint if your expectation didn't fulfill your wishes.
The thing here is I don't have the urge to dive in lovey dovey stuff.
No, it's not a bad thing. It's not that I have trauma or else. It's just that I don't feel it's the right time. Yet.

Sure, I will be attacked by the words 'you'll never know if you don't try' or 'if you don't have the right time, then make it'. I agree with those sentences but I also think that there are times when you're not supposed to force yourself in doing what you don't believe in.
I'm not a kid anymore but I'm still young enough to think carefully about my future. I don't want to rush myself; I'll take my time but, of course, I'm not supposed to waste my time either.

On March 9, I will go to attend Music Bank in Jakarta with one of my best friends.
Some would probably say I just waste my money for temporary entertainment like the popular K-Pop wave around nowadays.

I'm not going to defend myself with words like 'you don't know me', 'it's my hobby, so what?', or 'it's my life so screw you'.
As my alibi, here's one. People have their own choices to make themselves happy.
You may spend your time with books, catch up with movies, shop with friends, enjoy fancy dinner with lovers, go out of the country with family, or else.
It's a necessary that you need to make yourself enjoy your life in a way you can and I choose one of these hobbies of mine as the choice: supporting my idols by attending their concert.

People will not believe if I say the idols have changed my life but it's true and I know it is.
I got to know many new friends, I learned life lessons, and I understood what I should never understood before.
But, well, I guess I just want to have fun?

On March 26, it will mark one year since I started to work in my current company.
It is true that I'm one of lucky persons out there to have a permanent job with good friends around. The office is near from my house and the salary is good as well.

However I'm not going to lie by saying I really love my job or it's the best thing I experience. Because it's not.
I don't fall in love with it. Not even for the slightest.

Please note that it doesn't mean I don't do my job sincerely. I do my best with whatever I can because it's my job.
It's not that the job is bad but I guess my passion is just not in this place.

I read somewhere before that it's not impossible to make 'what you love - your passion' as your job. However I also read the opposite topic that 'do what you love' is a really bad advice career.
I actually must agree with both articles.

When you don't love your job, there is this part of you which doesn't feel satisfied with everything. Something is missing and you have no idea how to fill the emptiness.
Oh, yes, I am suffering it as well.

However it is also true that 'passion is not something you follow'. One said 'passion is something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world'. And it makes sense, right?
Future is a really important thing and so does your passion but, well, career passions are rare.
Just because you love it, doesn't really mean you can live with it as your root of life. It's possible but there's no kind of scientific formula for the result.

What I'm trying to say here is I don't regret this job I have now. I'm very grateful despite the fact I'm not having my dream job.
Simply because I know there are so many things I still don't understand and I must know them in times. Teamwork, interpersonal skill, communication, leadership, and so many to mention.

How could I think like that?
Because Information System is also not my favorite choice to have as a major during college days but, if I didn't go on with it, I would never met all people in HIMSISFO, people who had changed my life so much.
That's why I know these moments are moments I need to treasure.

One day I will look back and be thankful for having this job.

Hopefully when I have my dream job...?


How about you?

Anyway, I want to give a very happy birthday greeting to Valentcia Trifonia who celebrates her twenty-third birthday today!
Thanks for being a really good friend for me.
I wish you all the best in life and may happiness be your best companion.
God bless you.

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