Monday, February 17, 2014

‡ Project 2014 v.1 ‡

A friend once said that I look excited the most when I'm talking about writing.

Ever since I was a kid (7-8 years old), I had shown interest in writing. I showed my love to read earlier before that time. The first story I tried to write is a horror story (I laugh whenever I remember this). This doesn't stop until today and, people, this means two things at the same time.

My bad habit of starting something without any idea how to end it stays the same. Ideas run in my head, I write them down, but ends up not finishing them as well.

My imagination keeps expanding and I've tried to write for horror, romance, angst, and fantasy theme. I always try to write at the best state I can do.

To be honest, I have low self-esteem. I often feel I can't do anything better than others. I feel like I'm just an average person (or, even worse, lacking in everything).

I'm easily feel hurt by people's opinion during most discussion (unless I know them very well) but, strangely, this doesn't apply when it comes to writing. I don't take challenges much but, once again, if it's about writing, it is different for me.

So what is this all about?

Let's keep it short for v.1. I'll give more details in v.2.

Here I leave a question for you; my answer will be on next post.

Imagine that, two years in the future, you are reading a magazine. You find the headline news with your smiling picture and words about your life.

What kind of article is it about?

(inspired by David Sibet's method; not mine)

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