Tuesday, January 08, 2013

‡ Razliubito ‡

There is this one word I read on a one-shot story written by an acquaintance tonight. I've seen the word before but I didn't really pay attention at it until now.

Since I was curious about it and, oh yes, I have quite wide range of curiosity when it comes to foreign and unique vocabulary. I may not be advanced in languages but I do love to know more words to be added in my own vocabulary.


When you type it on Google, it probably would suggest you 'razbliuto' instead.
To be honest I don't know which one is true yet. Please do tell me if you know the correct one.
However I'll use 'razliubito' for the rest of this post for now.

It's a Russian word which means "the feeling you have for someone you once loved but no longer so now".

This friend of mine described it like a feeling when someone gave you a dress as your birthday present. You're so happy at the moment that you wore it as often as possible.
But then you grew up and you had new dresses and, in the end, you decided to give the dress to someone who needed it more. You helped someone and you didn't need to put the dress at the corner of your wardrobe anymore.
However, there was this feeling whenever you saw the dress one day. You missed it and the memories of you with the dress just crossed your mind.

As for me, when it comes to 'love' as the topic, I'll try to take the word in love life experience.

I am someone who believes that we never stop loving someone.
Even after your heart has been broken into pieces, even if the person made you cried, even if you kept saying that you hated him or her.
It's just you have changed the way you love them; you love them more or less. That's that.

If you said that you have stopped loving them, it means you never loved them in the first place.
You don't stop loving them; you love someone more now that you can't love them the way you loved them before.

That's why I think it's normal when you have a new lover and, one day, you accidentally meet your ex-lover then you have this kind of unexplained feeling; like those good moments when you're together come back to you.
For the current lovers who know about this, some of them may feel betrayed and disappointed. They will be jealous because you miss your ex-lovers and that could possibly mean you still love them. They feel doubt and threat from your past lovers.

Doubt is a human nature and no one can blame us for having doubt over persons who are important in our lives.

However I don't think that this feeling of 'missing those good moments' is wrong. Just like doubt, cherishing good moments is also a human nature.
If your lovers think 'I miss those good moments. I have more happiness with him/her than when I'm with you', then that's when things go wrong. You're free to have doubt afterwards.

But if they have a moment when their happiness from past overwhelmed, don't be mad.

That's called Razliubito.

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