Friday, April 09, 2010

‡ Live It ‡

Do I bring happiness to someone else in this world?

Have I done something for someone else?

Am I only bring misfortune to someone else around me?

Can I help someone else with life or another stuff?

I live in this world for almost 19 years,
realizing that I've done so many things in my life.

I've done so many mistakes,
I've done so many jobs,
I've made so many relationships around me...

Whatever I do will affect people around me.

I'm being a fool for taking silly chances,
I'm being a stupid girl for dreaming about non-real stuff.

But I still live in this world.

I will walk on in the earth till my time comes.

+Lyrics of the day+
So we fight, so we fight
Through the hurt, through the hurt
And we cry and cry and cry and cry
And we live and we live
And we learn and we learn
And we try and try and try and try
So its up to you and its up to me
When meet in the middle on our way back down to earth
(Down to Earth by Justin Bieber)

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