Friday, November 26, 2010

‡ Happy 20th Birthday, Brenda ‡

November 26th, 2010

Last exam with Character Building III was done this morning.
I left to Lime Light Family Karaoke & Cafe at Tanjung Duren,
arrived there at 1 P.M.,
along with Brenda, Dewi, Wien, and Valentcia.

We're going to have fun before suddenly I took off after 15 minutes in the room.
They asked me what happened and I told them I need to do something urgent with my friend.
I ran downstairs to meet Shandy.

Before 30 minutes,
both of me and Shandy back to the room with a cake from Dapur Cokelat and candle of "20" number.
We sang "Happy Birthday" for Brenda.

Today is her 20th birthday.
I planned this surprise just in a moment,
and thankfully, she didn't notice.
Hope you the best ever, Bren.
Be better,
God bless. :)

Unfortunately, Monica and Jeanette didn't make it for on-the-spot surprise,
but they sent their best regards for Brenda. :D
You're blessed by us, Bren. :p

The most remembered moment of today?
The eating-birthday-cake moment.
It's chocolate and cheese cake.
I don't like cheese.
Wien doesn't like chocolate.
But both of us ate the cake for Brenda's sake.
*Again*, you're so blessed by us, Bren. :p

Oh, and the moment Brenda gave the 'first cake' for both of me and Shandy.
Nope, she didn't choose one of us for the 'first cake';
she chose both of us as her 'one-packet'.
Thanks. :D

Once again, Joyeux Anniversaire, Brenda~ :)

+Lyrics of the day+
Its your birthday (we could spend time together)
We gon' celebrate (you and me)
It's your birthday (so baby blow out the candles)
We gon' celebrate (you know)
It's your birthday
(Birthday by Destiny's Child)

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