Tuesday, November 30, 2010

‡ Part IV: 5 Best Things in Life ‡

Books, music, friendship.

Two to go.
Let's see what will I write today...


Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi,
for short, HIMSISFO,
is an organization for Information Systems students in BINUS University.

Officially known as HIMSISFO on May 13th, 2004,
I knew HIMSISFO since Pekan Orientasi Mahasiswa (POM) at BiNus in 2008.
Rico was an alumnus of HIMSISFO who shared his experiences in HIMSISFO at Bunga Rampai.
I felt something interesting from this organization.

Althought I never joined OSIS or whatever organization,
I felt like I need to do something different while I could.
I mean, it's free, and I was freshman.
It won't hurt to try something new, right? :p

I went to Acara Kebersamaan Sistem Informasi at Venetian Hall on Sept 4th, 2008.
I joined Seleksi Aktivis 2008 and chose Human Resources Development for my committee,
I made it and followed the first meeting that we called "Rapat Jumat",
because we held it every Friday on 7th Floor Balcony of Kampus Anggrek.
We still do it till now. :D
(for AKSI 2008, read ‡ AKSI: HARVEST ‡)

I tried to be a Koordinator Acara of Rapat Kerja HIMSISFO 2008,
worked along with others as real team for event for the first time.
Went to Wisma Pemuda on December 2008.

My college went on as well;
a lot of tasks, a lot of things,
I was getting really busy but yet I managed to get good grades for first term.
It made me want to try harder in HIMSISFO.

Bakti Sosial, Programming Class, and a lot of events.
The first biggest event that I felt was HIMSISFO COMPETITION 2009 "Dandelion".
I was in Acara again;
well, it's kind of my label till this moment. LOL.
But I'm enjoying it, really. :D
(for what I wrote in the end of HC 2008, read ‡ End of 1 Week ‡)

I made it to Pemilu Umum HIMSISFO as one of the Calon Wakil Ketua HIMSISFO,
along with Setia Wijaya and Felisia Listiarini.
I didn't make it though, but at least I tried. :)
(for this post, you can read ‡ HIMSISFO Election 2009/2010 ‡)

Year changed, 2006 as the 'oldest' generation when I went in left,
2009 entered and the first event that 2008 held as Pengurus was Bunga Rampai & EXPO 2009.
If I enjoyed the Bunga Rampai & EXPO as freshman, I was a sophomore last year.
We prepared a lot of things even though it's holiday for others.

We've done Acara Kebersamaan Sistem Informasi 2009 at Wanita Patra on September 3rd, 2009.
Seleksi Aktivis 2009, accepted others family members,
LDKK 2009 and I became Wakil Ketua,
Rapat Kerja 2009 at Wira Carita,
Bakti Sosial, Seminar, etc.
(for AKSI 2009, you can read ‡ Thanks for AKSI 2009 ‡
for LDKK 2009, you can read ‡ DIOR ‡)

HIMSISFO COMPETITION 2010 "Crystallion",
I was the Koordinator Acara.
I made my first in HIMSISFO as Koordinator Acara,
I made my last as Koordinator Acara as well.
It's a wonderful event.
I love the moments. :)
(for HC 2010, you can read ‡ Thank You, Crystallion ‡)

I made it as Calon Ketua HIMSISFO for periode 2010/2011.
I went to the Pemilihan Umum again,
I didn't make it but I felt like I did the best, so no regret. :)
(for this story, you can read ‡ HIMSISFO Election 2010/2011 ‡
for the regeneration, you can read ‡ New Generation: 2010/2011 ‡)

I was given the responsibility to be a Secretary of HIMSISFO for periode 2010/2011.
I accepted it and I'm already in half of my way since June 2010.
We went through Bunga Rampai & EXPO,
Acara Kebersamaan Sistem Informasi 2010 at Prisma Sport Club on September 2nd, 2010,
Programming Class 2010,
LDKK 2010,
a lot more and more.
(for Bunga Rampai & EXPO 2010, you can read ‡ Bunga Rampai & EXPO IV - 2010 ‡
for AKSI 2010, you can read ‡ AKSI 2010: The Ancient || Shandy's B'day +1 ‡
for LDKK 2010, you can read ‡ SCORE ‡)

I have too many memories to write down here.
You can read the details in the links up there.
I wrote a bunch, didn't I? LOL.

If you ask me why do I put HIMSISFO on my top list,
I will answer simply,
HIMSISFO is my second family.

I mean it.
We're not related by blood,
we knew each other not long enough,
but I called them my family; each of them.

I love them as my family.
They're my friends for college,
my friends for hobbies,
my team for work,
my team for everything,
and my lovely family.

I never even once regret that I joined HIMSISFO.
Not even once.
I always feel grateful that I joined HIMSISFO.

Don't think that I only feel happiness.
To be honest, a lot of things occured.
Happy, tired, sad, emotion filled up.
But I thought of all emotions as my motivation to be stronger.

I learn to be more patient for every single trouble that comes.
I learn to be more mature for every single person that I face.
I learn to be more wise for every single thing I need to take care.

I learn to know people more for my best and others.
I learn to think creative for events and future.
I learn to manage my time for what I need and have to do.

There are people who wanted to add up the experiences for work.
I am one of those.

There are people who wanted to feel something new in college life.
I am one of those.

There are people who wanted to know what is organization.
I am one of those.

There are people who bored enough to feel more,
who tired by the activities,
who thought it's better to be ordinary student.
I am NOT one of those.

HIMSISFO gives (not gave, it's still going on) every thing I though I couldn't have.

HIMSISFO shows me what life can be.

HIMSISFO tells me a lot of lessons to learn.

HIMSISFO shares me stuffs I never knew.

I don't want to say that HIMSISFO is exclusive,
but I can't deny that HIMSISFO is irreplaceable in my life.

For now, tomorrow, next year, and forever,
I am HRD-ers,
I am HIMSISFO-ers,
and HIMSISFO will always be my family.

I will never make it if I need to write down my gratitudes for HIMSISFO,
for HIMSISFO made me who I am today.
I just want to give my best for HIMSISFO;
the sentence we always love to shout in the end of our meeting and event:

"Give the Best for HIMSISFO!"

For my laugh,
for my cries,
for my friends,
for my dreams,


+Lyrics of the day+
Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
High hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
(We) No, we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong, oh-no
This is our family Jewel, yeah
(We Are Family by The Corrs)

Monday, November 29, 2010

‡ Part III: 5 Best Things in Life ‡

Already the third part.

After books and music, this one sure will be a little bit long.
Take your time. :)


I've wrote a lot about friendship in this blog.
One of them is ‡ A True Real Friend ‡
Here and now, I will tell you some details of them.

Them who?
My best friends. :)

Aditya Kristanto

I knew him around 6-7 years ago.
It's because of chat; online chat.
I never met him until 3-4 years after our first chat.

He's my one-way-mind friend.
Sometimes I feel like he read up my mind.
I don't have much contact with him;
he's busy, I'm busy.

But, hello, friendship stays friendship.
He's one of my best friends.
He taught me a lot and shared a lot with me as well.
Thanks for being such one-way-mind friend, Dit. :)

Christopher Halim

I guess he is the 'oldest' of my best friends.
He's my friend since Elementary School.
We shared same interest: Story, including books.

Same with Adit, I don't have much communication with Chris,
especially because he moved to Balikpapan when we went on Junior High School.
He came back to Jakarta and now in the same university as I am.

Yeah, he's at Binus as well.
What a small world, eh? Lol.
I really love to talk with him;
he's wise and somehow full with unpredicted opinions.

He's the one who gave me courage when I didn't have one.
He's the one who gave me a chance to do something new.
I wonder if I have done something good for him.
Anyhow, I'm grateful to know him. :)

Agatha Sutedja - Hilda Vilisia - Stephanie Livia
I've known three of them since I was in Class 1-B, Bunda Hati Kudus Junior High School.
We stayed in the one class as well in the next year.
We're separated in our third year in four different classes.

Then Agatha stayed in Bunda Hati Kudus Senior High School,
Hilda moved to IPK Tomang Senior High School,
Livia moved to Sang Timur Senior High School,
while I moved to Regina Pacis Jakarta Senior High School.

Just like Adit and Chris,
I don't keep touch with them like text-messaging everyday, chatting, or else,
but we do stay close till now.
We'll meet if only four of us can gather;
the tradition keeps on going. Haha.

Agatha is now in Malaysia,
Hilda is in Swiss German University,
Livia is in Universitas Pelita Harapan,
and I'm here at Bina Nusantara University.

Nothing really special between us;
but something keeps on holding our friendship.
I'm so blessed with all of you, really. :)

Aron Aditio - Denny Pranoto

These two boys also best friends with Agatha, Hilda, and Livia.
Although it's more difficult to keep in touch with them.

Aron is in Universitas Indonesia right now while Denny continues his college at China.
I met them this June and I want to meet both of you again;
especially because Aron is in hospital right now for an accident happened. :(
You will be better as soon as possible, right? :D

Oh, six of us will be off somewhere again.
We promise. :)

Shandy - Brenda Budiono

I wrote about them in ‡ B.E.S.T. ‡
Well, they're friends of mine since POM.
I still totally keep in touch with them;
well, hello, they're my classmates! LOL.
We are in one team for Minor Project as well. Haha.

Started from POM and Class 01PLM,
we walked into HIMSISFO together and still stay till now.
Proud to be 'one-packet' with both of you.
It's been almost 3 years now. :D

Oh sure, there were so many conflicts between us,
so many problems and troubles here and there,
but we managed them somehow.
We did and we always will. :)

Dewi Indah Sari - Monica Dewi Putri

Ah, I knew them really well since we worked together as DPI for LDKK HIMSISFO 2009.
A lot of things happened before the event and more things happened after the event as well.
Oh, we shared a lot of commons, people.

Take a walk, gossips, karaoke,
Keep in touch?
Oh yeah, a lot.
I've heard about Trio Erlia-Dewi-Monic. Lol.
They're best friends for me.

For fun, for sharing, for everything. :)

Wien Viendy - Jeanette Jusuf - Adrianus Vicky

None of them are related to each other,
but they know each other. Lol.

Wien is in HRD as well in HIMSISFO.
Oh, I shared A LOT with him.
About everything. For real.

Oh, he affected me a lot as well, especially for Korea stuff.
and, trust me, I'm grateful for it. :p
His room at 39z is an office for some people, including me. *devil*

Jeanette is now working in a team as DPI HIMSISFO with me.
But then again, she's my classmate in 01PLM, 02PJM, 04PSM, and stays till now.
Oh, she's a really cheerful person and we shared a lot.
Glad to have her as my best friend. :)

Vicky is friend of Shandy.
I knew him around more than 2 years ago.
I'm not really close with him but he taught me a lot of things, in his own ways.
Whatever happened, I'm grateful to know him.
For your everything, God Bless, Mr Arrogant. :p

*Anyway, I don't have any pictures with Aditya and Vicky,
so I just put each picture taken by them.
Yeah, strangely enought, both of them like photography. :D*

If I don't mention other names, doesn't mean they're not my friends.
Every single person is special for me.
I just can't write every single name in here.

But sure I'm thankful to know all of them.
Thanks for being my friend.

I don't really need to mention why do I keep friendship in my top list, right?
Oh, friends do MANY things in my life.
And when I say MANY, I mean it. :D

God bless. :)

+Lyrics of the day+
If you're ever in a jam, here I am
If you're ever in a mess, S-O-S
If you ever feel so happy, you land in jail; I'm your bail.
It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship.
When other friendships have been forgot,
Ours will still be hot.
Lah-dle-ah-dle-ah-dle dig, dig, dig.

If you're ever up a tree, phone to me.
If you're ever down a well, ring my bell.
If you ever lose your teeth, and you're out to dine; borrow mine.
It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship.
When other friendships have been forgate,
Ours will still be great.
Lah-dle-ah-dle-ah-dle, chuck, chuck, chuck.

If they ever black your eyes, put me wise.
If they ever cook your goose, turn me loose.
If they ever put a bullet through your brrain [sic]; I'll complain.
It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship.
When other friendships have been forgit,
Ours will still be it.
Lah-dle-ah-dle-ah-dle, hep, hep, hep.
(Friendship by Linkin Park)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

‡ Part II: 5 Best Things in Life ‡

Here we go with the second part of 5 Best Things in My Life.

If the first one are books, what is the second?


Who can deny that music is one of the best things in world?
Oh, just like other things, everything has its good and bad side.
I love music.
I always have.

Especially the ballad, easy-listening, and catchy music.
I listened to them since I was a baby, I guess.

Started from kids songs like "Balonku", "Pelangi", "Bintang Kecil", etc.
I still remember the lyrics, you know.
It's fun to remember your childhood.
Even though I do think nowadays childhood aren't the same with my childhood moments.

They're listening to 180 degrees different music from my generation.
Hey, I don't blame music,
music changes as well,
people change as well.
I just hope kids listen to good one, not bad one.

Along side with Indonesian, I listened a lot to English.
Started with Westlife era, as long as I remember.
With Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and so on.
Ah, I even did dances with my Elementary school friends for some events.
What a memory. LOL.

I remembered F4 was one of my favorite boyband from Chinese group.
I still listen to various language for music.
F4, 5566, etc.
They brought me up to some TV serials.

Oh no, music didn't stop there.
I reached Japanese.
Well, actually anime did first,
then I listened to a lot of soundtracks,
I can't even remember what was the first,
and I ended up with Japanese stuff.

Anime OST, L'Arc~en~Ciel along with Tetsu as my favorite member,
KAT-TUN, NewS, Yamashita Tomohisa for my best favorite Japanese star,
and so on, I can't write them one by one here.

Indonesian, English, Chinese, Japanese.
I still have one more to go.

It happened around eight months ago,
starting with SNSD.
Oh yeah, I remembered it.
Starting with "Gee".
I danced "Gee" this March, people, with another 8 friends of mine.

This led me to Super Junior,
felt in love in Eunhyuk,
listened to a lot more of Korean artists like Davichi, 2AM, 2PM, etc.
End up with variety shows as well.

I also love classical music like piano, violin, or even instrumental guitar.
It's nice to hear the sound of instrument. :D

Why does music show up in my top 5 list?

Music did a lot for me since the past.
Music is my friend.

When I'm happy, listening to the right music will make me more cheerful.
When I'm sad, listening to music can make me feel better.
When I'm falling in love, listening to music, especially love song, makes my day much more brighter and filled with love.
When I'm heart-broken, listening to music feels like music says what you can't say.

Music fills my day in every situation and condition.
A lot of songs filled with great and meaningful lyrics.
And I love that kind of songs.
They taught us lessons too. :)

Some said, every song has its own background.
You can have your own song.
Everyone can.

Other music artists I need to mention?
S Club 7, The Calling, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, etc

My favorite singers?
Taylor Swift.

My favorite group?
Super Junior, Westlife, L'Arc~en~Ciel

My favorite musical?
High School Musical series

My favorite songs?
Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
Untitled by Maliq & D'Essentials
Crazier by Taylor Swift
An Jing by Jay Chou
Puzzle of My Heart by Westlife
It Has To Be You by Yesung

What's yours?

+Lyrics of the day+
My life is music and music is life,
Sweet sounds to help you take flight
My life is music and music is life,
Sweet sounds to help you take flight
(Music Is My Life by Felix Da Housecat)